Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Input please

I got a comment in my last post from someone that does a giveaway website telling me if I was interested I could add my blog and my giveaways. Not exactly sure if there's any interest from anyone that reads this for that sort of thing. If you'd give me some feedback about whether I should try it or not, I'd greatly appreciate it.
I've decided to start an etsy.com website. Nothing is up and running just yet, but it is fiercely in the works. So more info on that coming soon. Let me know if you have any great ideas about what I could put on it. I've already got some things started and lots of things waiting for me to get started on them. But, it's always nice for feedback from other people.
Tonight is back to school night for Samantha & Nash. Sam's pretty excited. Nash I don't think has had it sink in yet. I'm excited for them to go and meet their new teachers. That's always exciting. I'm thrilled this year that I can actually help in someone else's class too! How dorky is that?
You know, I had other thoughts running through my head about what I wanted to post and then Caleb came in crying -the other kids haven't been too inclusive today- and now I can't remember what else I wanted to post about! Oh well, it will come!

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