Tuesday, August 24, 2010

At least she's double insured...

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Today at 2:30 I was cleaning the house when I heard Samantha start to cry outside. My first thought was "Oh, great. Now what!" So, I ventured outside and found Samantha face down on the ground bawling like she was dying. I asked her what happened. She told me she slipped.

Some background knowledge for you: Samantha & Nash recently decided to convert the swing set into a makeshift gymnastics bar. They've pushed the little picnic table up to the swing set, stand on it and jump to grab the top of the swing set. Then, they swing forward once, backward once, and then let go and drop. Yesterday I told them to quit it before someone broke an arm. But, what do I know? I'm just the stupid mother.

I knelt down next to her and saw that her right hand was shaking something terrible. I asked where she was hurt and she said her left arm. I looked over at it and I was privileged enough to see her wrist sticking out about an inch from where it should have been. I told Nash to put his shoes on and run next door to get my girlfriend Amy as fast as he could. Samantha was still screaming. I told her not to move and ran into the house to get the sling they gave me when I had my car accident. I was able to slide her arm into the sling and get her into the house. Amy arrived with Nash at this point. I told her what happened and asked her if she'd be willing to keep my boys. Since she's such a superhero, she of course said yes. I called my sister and dropped her kids off to her at her work and then set out for insta care.

We were in insta care for 2 hours (from 3-5)! I told Sam we weren't going to make it to Back To School night. She was sorely disappointed. After about 3 xrays and all the wait time, we were told we were going to have to go to the ER where she would be sedated, have her fingers put into a finger traction and her wrist set back in place. Awesome! So, I called and got Amy to drop my boys off to my dad.

Once we got to the ER we actually didn't have to wait too long to go back. The wait was going to happen if we couldn't get the orthopedist to come down before he had to go to surgery. Luckily, he made it down fairly quickly and we were able to start. Samantha FREAKED out about getting an IV (big surprise). It took about 4 of us to hold her down to get it in her. They also put 3 monitors on her chest to keep track of her heart rate. Once they gave her the medicine to make her sleepy, the respiratory dr. told me that one of the medications they were giving her was Ketamine. Ketamine is also known as "Special K" on the streets. The dr. then proceeded to tell me that teens abuse it and how they abuse it. Great idea dr.! Tell a mother of the 7 yr. old you're sedating you're giving her Ketamine! Duh!!

Luckily they only had to set her wrist one time and they got it right on the money. The orthopedist gave us 2 "after" pictures of her wrist. He told me that she actually fractured it through the growth plate. Funny enough, when we got to the ER and were back in the room and were just waiting for the orthopedist to show up, the other dr.s there (anesthesia, respiratory, etc.) all asked me "Did you see her x-ray already?!" Yea, she broke it that good. Luckily it was an easy fix that didn't require surgery!

The orthopedist told me to call his office tomorrow and set up an appointment for Monday so we can go in and get a cast on it. She's already decided she wants pink with sparkles. She fell asleep pretty quick after we left Shopko (had to pick up her Lortab prescription). I told her she's lucky it's her left arm so she can still write and that it isn't a leg so she can still dance (class starts Thursday this week).

My sister kindly reminded me "It's like you wrote on your blog the other day. Nash got stung, something else happened to Caleb, and you didn't dare put that Samantha was injury free. Here you go, now she's not!" Gee, thanks! I guess I can tell Samantha "Happy 2nd to last day of summer vacation!"

When she finally woke up last night & we tried to put pjs on her, I realized that her arm wasn't going to make it through the sleeve of her dress. This is a dress my mom made her this spring that she absolutely loves. I told her we might have to cut it to get her arm out. She cried. I called my mom at nearly 11 and asked her to come up. We thought we could just cut the lower sleeve and turn it into a tank top top. Nope. We had to completely cut through the sleeve. Sam cried. She was really upset. My mom told her it was ok, she'd make her something new out of this blue paisley fabric Samantha loved (it's just like Brad Paisley's guitar ;) ). She seemed to feel better about cutting the dress after that. Plus, my mom told her maybe we could make something else out of her dress. Guess we'll see. If nothing else I can put it into a quilt for her, right?

Oh, I remembered what else I was going to blog about earlier today. We went to The Treehouse Museum on Friday with my sister in law. The kids loved it and thought it was great!


Justin & Ashlee said...

OH NO! Poor Sam :( I hope you have a better day today.

Tannie Datwyler said...

All I can say is "that is nuts!" I can't believe all the craziness your family goes through.