Monday, October 18, 2010

Pregnancy update

I got to go see my doctor today. This was my first official appointment. He did the "first" ultrasound and the baby is actually measuring at 11 weeks and 1 day (which is 1 week ahead of where I was at my nurse's consult). Dr. Fowers said that would put my due date at May 8th instead of May 15th but he isn't ready to change my due date yet because it's still so early. He did check for twins too! ;)
It also seems that I've got the beginnings of placenta previa. I didn't have that with the other 3. Dr. Fowers said that it is possible for the placenta to move and be just fine on its own. However, there is also the possibility that it won't move or if it does move that it could be bad. If the placenta doesn't move that means I'll have to have a c-section. Dr. Fowers said he'd watch it closely because if it does move and it doesn't go well on its own, baby only has 4 minutes before losing brain cells, and, as he told Travis, "Baby won't live long that way." Otherwise, things are looking and going well.
We spent the last 4 days down in Manti. Caleb has become Grandpa Bruce's little shadow. Caleb has got this one completely and totally wrapped around his little finger! I have never seen Grandpa this way with any of the little kids. For example; yesterday Grandpa was ready to sit down to lunch and Caleb comes up and says "Grandpa? Tractor ride?" and Grandpa totally caved & took him out for a ride! He got to ride the tractor probably a half dozen times as well as that many times on the 4 wheeler! He fed the baby puppies, the horses, herded cattle, turned off water. Basically, you name it and my baby helped Grandpa do it! I think he is a farmer at heart! I'm sure he would have been perfectly content if I had left him there!
Speaking of feeding baby puppies....yes, we got one at our house now too. Sam loved this one in particular and Uncle Brad accidently ran it over. Oops. We told Sam someone must have come & picked that one up to take it home. So then she picked another favorite which she promptly named Chloe & carried it around like a baby all weekend. I told Travis, "You know this baby is going to be a boy, just let her have one." Thus, Chloe the puppy now lives at our house with Charlotte. Pictures to come soon.
Nash was up on the mountain elk hunting with his dad the entire 4 days. I understand he was quite the trooper. Trav's uncle rolled his 4 wheeler and once they were all back at camp and sitting around the fire Nash says, "Well...I'm glad you didn't die." Typical Nash!
I managed to get a bunch of Christmas hair bows done during our stay in Manti as well. I'm hoping to hear back about the booth in Lewiston on Nov. 20th soon. I'm also going to go into Sugar & Spice to see about getting a booth.
I'll post pictures from our trip soon!


Tannie Datwyler said...

It's always fun to see that little baby! That's a bit unnerving about your placenta previa. I hope it turns out okay!!

Tannie Datwyler said...

My doctor is McCulloch at Budge Clinic. With all three of my pregnancies they did 3D pictures of the face. I LOVE her. We don't have a name picked out yet.... I've asked Rich but he won't really commit to anything.