Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Yesterday I went to the library. I left with 3 books that ranged in pages from 300-500. What can I say? We're going out of town for 4 days! I started with The Last Olympian - the last of the Percy Jackson series. Wow. I read the whole thing! All 381 pages. I finished at 1:30 (not too bad) and then wanted to know what the author was going to do next. I had to go to WalMart this morning & happened to walk over to their book section. The next series - that sorta continues this one - was there. The first one is called The Lost Hero. I was only in hardback or I might have snatched it up right there. Now I have to go back to the library & see if they even have it (I didn't see it on the shelf yesterday). I did however manage to pick up The Red Pyramid which is also by the same author. I was thinking perhaps that was the next series, but no, it is a whole new one! What a busy man!

I started on the 2nd Hunger Games this morning. I think I'll go through it pretty quick too. I am amazed at how easily I'm getting sucked into books! I thought it would be hard for me to renew my love of reading because it's been SOOOO long since I was able to just sit and read what I wanted to for fun. But, as you may have noticed, my list of Books I've recently read continues to grow nearly daily!

I took my sewing machine into Bernina last Friday to get it serviced. They told me 4 days. I haven't heard anything from them yet so I haven't felt quite so guilty about not getting my sewing projects done. I am hoping they'll get it done soon so I can start sewing again. If I get that booth out at the Lewiston Craft Fair on Nov. 20th then I've got a lot to get done! I am planning to take my hairbow & watch band stuff to Manti today though so I think I'll be able to get quite a few of those done the next four days as well.

Tomorrow is my 30th birthday & I must admit I'm somewhat in denial! I remember when I was little & I thought 30 was SOOO old. Now that I'm here, I don't think it's so old anymore! I told Samantha on the way to school this morning that tomorrow is my birthday and I'd be 30. Her response? "Wow mom. You're gonna be old." Gee, thanks! Now I'm fat & old according to my daughter! What more could I ask for??

The kids haven't for sure decided on Halloween costumes. I did find an Optimus Prime costume at Shopko a week ago that was only $20. Maybe I can get Nash to go for that one? Sam is thinking vampire. I wonder if my mother in law has a cape we can borrow? Unfortunately, she keeps seeing pictures of girl vampires in dresses, etc. and she wants THAT one. Yeah, maybe not? I haven't decided whether to put Caleb in the devil costume I made Nash when he was that age or opt for the Tigger outfit Sam wore. Maybe I'll pull them both out & let him decide. They are getting excited though the closer it gets. Sam came home the other day & informed me that she MUST get her costume because they were going to have a costume party at school - oh, and Nash too. What a thoughtful sister. :)

Yesterday I worked outside on my yard. My mom gave me some starts that I'd been wanting so I figured I'd best get them in the ground. Plus, I figured I'd be too dang fat to bend over in the spring so I'd better get it done now or it would be next October before I got to it. I'm happy with the way things turned out - now if I could convince my leg & back muscles that I'm happy, maybe they wouldn't be so sore!

Well, I'd best get back to my laundry. I have to pack for the kids & myself for four days. It might take awhile!


Chad & Cassidy said...

... 30... hum what evil things will i do?

Justin & Ashlee said...

Hope you have a great weekend and very Happy Birthday!!! 30 is old! JK :) I'll be there before I know it...

Tannie Datwyler said...

Sheehs! I can't wait until my daughter is telling me I'm old. Just kidding. :) I want to have 4 kids by the time I'm 30 too. I'd say that's quite a feat!! And you are right, 30 seemed so old when we were young, and now it seems not too bad... unless it is YOUR birthday. :)