Sunday, October 10, 2010

Random Things

This past week hasn't been too exciting. I did finish English Trifle and if you haven't read it, I would totally suggest you do. It's by Josie Kilpack (she wrote Lemon Tart). I actually think I liked this one better than Lemon Tart. It's not very often I like the second book better than the first!

Today I made Halloween sugar cookies with the kids. I haven't done that in forever! I'm so bad! I don't like having the kids in the kitchen very often because I always feel like I'm tripping over them & I'm going to break something. Travis & my mom are WAY better at letting the kids help in the kitchen than I am. If it's something like chopping up olives (with my egg slicer) I'm ok. When it's cookies - well, I can't keep the dang kids off the counter & their germ infested hands out of the bowl no matter how many times I say "Stop please!". Guess I'll just have to get more practice in! Today is also the 2nd day in a row that I made bread. I tried a new recipe last night (cheesy potato & bacon soup) that I thought would go really good with fresh bread. It did & now there's only 1/2 of 1 loaf left. So, I whipped up another batch today & I can smell it baking in the oven now.

Travis will be home on Tuesday night and Samantha will get her cast of Wednesday afternoon. After Sam's cast comes off we're heading back to Manti until Sunday. We have to pick up Trav's truck (it died while we were there last week & they had to put a new intake manifold in). It's also Elk hunting opening so Trav and Nash will head back up on the mountain. Meanwhile the other two & I will stay at the farm and keep Grandma Butter entertained (and likely get a zillion more hair bows done). Nash is pretty excited about going. He had a ton of fun when Trav took him last week.

I got paperwork done and sent in to do a booth in Lewiston the Saturday before Thanksgiving (Nov. 20th). Hopefully I'll be able to get a booth. It gives me a deadline to get all 33 Christmas stockings I have cut out finished! Speaking of sewing - Thursday my machine tried to kill over on me. Every time I'd stitch about 3 stitches the feed dogs would drop. So, I'd open up the bobbin case door & flip the switch. I'd go 3 stitches and it'd do it again. I finally gave up & decided I'd better take it in to get serviced. I knew it needed serviced but I kept putting it off because it's going to be about $50 and my mom said last time she asked it was about a week turn around. I decided this would be good timing though because I likely wouldn't get things done this weekend with the kids gloming me and we leave Wednesday night. To my surprise though when I took it in they said it would only be about 4 days. So, hopefully I can pick it up right before we head out of town! I took it to Bernina (that's where it's from) and they have some seriously cute fabric. Too bad that most of it is $10/yd. No way will I pay that! I have no idea how they stay open with those prices!

I told Travis on the phone last night I'm getting fatter every day. In fact, I saw my sister yesterday (who's 2 months ahead of me) and I look WAY more pregnant than she does! Great. I just hope I don't get bigger than I did with Caleb! 62 lbs gained in one pregnancy is way too much! Even when you do lose 80 lbs after!

I keep thinking I need to get outside and move some plants around because I'll be too fat and too busy in the spring. Now, if I can just find the incentive to do it! I have had ZERO incentive to do just about anything these days. Anyone have something that can fix that?

Samantha will be in the USU homecoming parade on Sat. Oct. 23rd. I'll be sitting in front of Smith's Marketplace if anyone wants to join me. She has to be there by 10 so I'll be there shortly after that! I'll save you a place if you wanna join me! Just let me know!

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Tannie Datwyler said...

Remind me, when are you due??

So, I have to tell you that my trainer (who has had 4 kids) always talks about how genetics play into weight gain in pregnancy. Jessie (my trainer) is TINY, she is about an inch shorter than me and little. But she is TOUGH - her arms are buff and she is so in shape. She worked out almost every day with all her pregnancies and in one of them she gained 65 lbs - and that's with working out. :) It's just funny, some people just put the weight on and some odd (lucky) people only put on 15-20 lbs. I don't get it.... :) I'm one of the ones that puts on my fair share, but it's still normal so I won't complain. :) I still think it's freaking awesome to be able to say you lost 80lbs! I mean - come on, that's amazing. :)