Thursday, January 20, 2011

I finished some more!

This one is for my niece Jade. I'm going to do a matching one for her baby sister too.This one is for my cousin Sadie. I think it will be awesome with her beautiful jet black hair.
This one is for my cousin Sara. I think it will go beautiful with her amazing blonde hair. I'm doing one like this in a baby size for my sister in law too.
This one is one that my sister ordered for her niece for her birthday. This is the smallest size I've made so far. It's a four. It wasn't too bad, so I'm hoping the baby sizes aren't either.
Now, if when I do the baby sizes there's enough fabric left over for some matching bloomers, I'll be happy. Anyone have or know where I can get a bloomer pattern for cheap? Preferably one that doesn't have all the ruffles on the bum. I know they're way cuter, but the idea of all the work the ruffles will take makes me cringe!


Heather said...

Those are really cute!
Some bloomer tutorials are online:


mistybown said...

Thanks Heather!