Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Nash's Tough Days

The last two days have been kinda rough on poor Nash.

On Monday we took all 3 kids to the dentist. I was hoping no one would have cavities. I got that wish. I should've been more specific in my wish list. Nash had a spot on one of his molars where the enamel had basically died I guess. They wanted to fix it asap. Of course there were no appointments available for Tuesday when they had no school and their dad was home. So, we schedule an appointment for today.

Travis & I decided this "thing" on the joint of his index finger was a wart. It's been there at least a month & doesn't look like something that wants to be popped. So, last night I had the pleasure of holding him down while Travis applied Compound W's "Freeze Away." Yeah....not fun. It started out ok, but after Trav touched it a few times with the applicator, the burn started to set in. That's when I had to hold him down so Travis could keep it on there for a solid 20 seconds. I'm crossing my fingers that it really does only take 1 application and that it falls off in the 10-14 days like it says.

This morning I was up at 3 am feeling like I was going to die. After an hour of nearly curling up in a ball on the bathroom floor and doing so, I finally made it back to my bed. When I got the kids up this morning I was feeling a bit better, but they told me they both felt like they were going to throw up. I offered them the choice of Tums or Pepto. They both choose Pepto. Let me tell you, we have to force Pepto down them after they throw up when they have the flu. I was shocked they both choose that & took it willingly. Trav left for work at midnight last night so I texted him to ask if he was sick this morning too. He later told me he hadn't felt good this morning but chalked it up to only getting 2 hours of sleep. The only thing I can figure, is we had a touch of food poisoning. Caleb is the only one that didn't eat dinner last night (little bugger's getting particular about what & when he eats). Luckily by noon it had worn off for the kids & I've only been hit & miss for the rest of the day.

At 11;30 we headed to the dentist's office. I left Caleb with Grandma Kris because I had no idea what today's visit was going to entail. They asked if I wanted him to have the gas. I told them yes because I had no idea what this project was going to be like. He was a little resistant at first, but we finally got him to "put on the piggy nose". Everything was going swell...and then the dentist came in. Now, Nash has had work done before, but my mom took him because I was working so I hadn't seen his reaction first hand. I take my kids to a pediatric dentist, because I know what a drama queen Samantha is & I know these guys are geared for that. So, when they started to tell Nash they were going to wash his tooth I was thinking "no problem." Duh..
Well, that's about the time he started to FREAK OUT. The dental hygienist, Jenni, was trying to hold his hands down & assist the dentist. So, I came over & got a hold of Nash's hands. Meanwhile, Nash got a hand lose & knocked the dentists which the reply was, "if he bumps me I'm afraid my tool with go right through the roof of his mouth." AWESOME. And no, he hadn't had any Novocaine. So, I sat for the next 30 minutes, next to Nash trying to keep his feet from hitting me in the head & his hands tied down. No, he never had any Novocaine. They told me it shouldn't be hurting him, probably just his nerves. Since I've only ever had my wisdom teeth pulled, how the heck am I suppose to know?! Once they got all the enamel off that had gone bad, there was a big hole in his molar. So, they filled it with....something white. Trav said when they use the machine to harden the filling, that does hurt a little. So, I guess it probably really did hurt. Oops. After he was done, he sat cowering in the corner for 20 minutes crying. We told him he could leave as soon as he quit crying - we didn't want him to scare any other kids. He kept telling me his mouth hurt so I told him we'd go over to WalMart & get some Tylenol or Ibuprofen. Jenni, they hygienist, told me they had some. So, she filled up a syringe (JUST LIKE the one I use at home). You would have thought we wanted to shoot him with Novocaine then! He wanted nothing to do with it - even when I told him he could do it all by himself! He told me, "No! I don't want anything else in my mouth!" Well, I guess I couldn't really blame him.

After we finally left the office, I realized he had pink spots all over his face and neck. The culprits? I recognized these little fellows from the days of having Sam's tubes unclogged. He had screamed & fought so hard for so long that he's broken a TON of blood vessels in his face, neck, chest & back. Awesome. Now he has little red freckles for any where from a few days to a week. Hope his teacher at school doesn't think I beat him today!

We did venture over to WalMart. I decided I'd better try to find something small to go with a couple birthday presents for next week. And how could I tell the poor kid no when he asked me for a small new lego set? I couldn't. I caved. Yup - weak moment. But hey, I think I've tortured this kid enough this week, don't you?

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Tannie Datwyler said...

Holy COW!! What a bummer - poor kid.