Tuesday, February 8, 2011

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So, in addition to the pictures (it was faster than loading them 1 at a time!) I also have 2 orders for a total of 10 Christmas stockings, and 2 pillowcase dresses. I'm also trying to finish a reversible bag for Sam for her birthday, as well as one to use as my new diaper bag & 1 for a pay it forward gift. I have 7 pillowcase dresses cut out & just waiting to be serged & ribbon added & then posted to my etsy site. I need to get the 3 baby gowns for the church humanitarian project done before Feb. 25th too. I also have another reversible bag that needs to be done as a baby gift & 3 reversible aprons (1 is a pay it forward, 1 a birthday & 1 a mother's day). If I could get those done, then I could finish the clothes I cut out for the kids before school started! HA HA! Good thing Trav comes home tonight! I told him the other day that he needs to keep kids entertained for about 3 days so I can finish all of that! We'll see if it happens or not! I'm guessing it will half way happen! Oh! I also need to finish binding the quilt for my sister's baby & mine! If Trav would finish the boys' room, I would need to get Caleb's big, new, blue & red tractor quilt done too! Guess it's in my favor he hasn't worked too hard on it yet!

We've had a rough two weeks since Trav left last time. The kids got grounded 2 days after Trav left because their behavior was atrocious at a meeting I took them too. I ungrounded Samantha on Saturday because she's been so much better. Caleb, well, he's really to little to "get it." Nash on the other hand, has tried my patience to the absolute end! He's been xbox & ds-less for at least a week. Why? Well, one night he intentionally spit on my floor for absolutely no reason. The next day, he called Samantha a s***head and laughed. I know where he's learned that word & I've let his dad know I know too! ;) Caleb's challenge has been that he's picked up from his brother the words buttcrack & butthole. So, he has had to put his nose on the wall and go to his room several times a day lately. I have told him I'm going to soap his mouth out if he wants to talk like a naughty boy. He thinks it's a game. I think I might have to actually break out the soap.

This weekend we are going to do Samantha's family birthday party since her dad will be gone on her actual birthday. That means I get to make a cake on Saturday. I think she wants the stand up Barbie cake again. She wants to go ice skating again too. So, we're taking the family out on Sunday and then having cake & ice cream at Grandma's house after. No, this fat girl will NOT be on the ice! For her friend birthday party, I told her she could choose some friends to sleep over again. Well, then I got a note from dance class saying she's suppose to dance on her birthday. So, I don't know if the sleepover will get to happen or not. If not, we'll have to just do something Friday or she'll be totally bummed.

Speaking of dance - for those interested, here is her performance schedule:
Feb. 19 @ MC not sure about time
Feb 25 @ SV @ 630
March 11 @ MC not sure about time
April 30 @ SV all day - it's a competition
May 21 @ SV @ 6:30 - their end of the year review

You'd think with that many performances left her dad would be here for at least 1. Nope. No such luck. Good thing they do a video of the year end review so she can make him watch her in that! Plus, I'm pretty sure she'll perform at Relay For Life again this year & Trav WILL be here for that!

I need to take another fat girl picture and post. I go to the dr. tomorrow. Pretty sure I've passed the 40 lb weight gain mark. I was +39 lbs 4 weeks ago. Tomorrow is the glucose test. Yay. She's been kicking me like nuts since the week before Christmas. I think she does aerobics in there like Sam did. I've also had tons of Braxton Hicks contractions. I'm not sure if they're coming on because I do too much (HA, right) or if it's because of stress (what stress?). My feet and legs have been swelling. It isn't terrible....yet. I'm just hoping they don't limit me when I go in tomorrow. Not sure that I'd actually be able to follow dr.'s orders since Trav is gone so much! Cross your fingers for me!

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Tannie Datwyler said...

Thanks again for the adorable car seat cover! And MAN Misty, you are a BUSY woman!!