Sunday, February 13, 2011

Time Flies When You're Havin' Fun

I can't believe my baby girl is going to be eight next Saturday! I swear she was just born yesterday! She is turning out to be quite the girl. She has her girlie girl moments, but she has just as many tom boy moments too.
This year she decided she wanted to go ice skating for her family birthday party again. So, of course we obliged. Mom of course WASN'T on skates though. I was watching from the sidelines, snapping pictures and finishing the binding on Aunt Cass's baby blanket.
Originally Sam wanted the "Brad Paisley guitar" cake. I regretfully informed her I did not want to do fondant and hand painting on a cake that was going to be eaten. Especially since I knew it would take me FOREVER to put together! I offered to do a guitar cake in any color she wanted, but when we went to go the cake pan from Michaels, they of course were out of that pan. After some indecisiveness, we ventured over to Kitchen Kneads where she settled on this:
I think it turned out cute - even if it isn't Brad Paisley's blue paisley guitar. I even made matching cupcakes to go with it. Of course, I was extra glad that I hadn't caved into the Brad Paisley guitar cake this morning. See, I always keep cakes in the oven - they stay SOO much fresher that way. After being married 11 1/2 years, you'd think Travis would remember this, right? No. He preheated the oven without checking to see if the birthday cake was in there first. Once the oven hit about 200 degrees, he could smell cake & shortly thereafter had an "oh *&#$" moment & got the cake out. Alas, it was too late. All the frosting had melted off the cake and I knew it would be recooked & go hard. Travis didn't understand why I couldn't just "scrap the frosting off & refrost it." I told him to just be glad it wasn't one like I usually do where I decorate it with all my decorating tips that takes 3 hours and that it was only 10:30 am and not noon (we were leaving at 1:00). Needless to say, I spent the morning making the cake AGAIN.

We went ice skating first, but I'm a spaz and put pictures in the wrong order. So, here are pictures from her party we had after ice skating.

Since the ice arena isn't far from Grandpa Scott & Grandma Kris's house, we had our party at their house again this year. It was relatively quiet - just us, Atkinsons, Grandma & Grandpa & Grandma Terri.

Caleb was super excited to bonk Sam on the head. In fact, he tried doing "heavy, heavy hangover" right after he finished helping his dad wrap her presents this morning! I love the look on her face in this picture:
She got a cute new outfit from Grandma Kris & Grandpa Scott & the Atkinsons. They also got her a set of Shrinky Dinks (she got those last year & absolutely LOVED them).
An awesome "I spy" quilt from Grandma Terri. She loves it. She told me it was the "Only thing I wanted and I got it!" and is in fact sleeping with it on her bed tonight. When I took Caleb back into their room after he got up, I caught her "spying" things on the quilt.
The ice arena wasn't too packed. When we go, we generally go on a Sunday because that's when there are a lot less people there. Nash used one of the walkers and since we had 2 strollers, Sam took turns with the stroller and the walker.

Caleb was as happy as a pig in mud to be on the ice again. We just strap him in & push him around in his stroller. He loves Uncle Robbie & was just in seventh heaven having him push him around and play with him.
I think this picture turned out super cute. This is "baby Jaxton". Sam sure loves him, but when I asked Caleb if we should take "baby Jaxton" home & Sam heard me, she was quick to respond with "NO! We have a baby sister coming!" She's not excited for a girl at all, is she!
Last week Caleb & I made Valentine sugar cookies. I've taught the kid well. He LOVES his cookie dough just like his mama!
This is how we watched the ENTIRE new Tinkerbell movie last night. Brookelyn was kicking like nuts so I was surprised that he stayed there the entire time, but he was happy as a clam. In fact, every time I tried to move him he got mad & went back to this exact same spot!
And last, but not I am at 27 weeks. Only 13 weeks to go! 12 if they really start me a week early like they said they would. It seems like it's gone pretty quick this time. I probably won't be saying that in another 4 weeks though! When I went to the dr. last week I had gained 41 lbs. I'm afraid I'm going to hit the +80 lb mark this time. At least I know it comes off, right? Last week I also had my glucose test done. I think that glucola drink gets nastier every time I have to take it. I think it's pixie stick sugar colored orange! YUCK! Dr. Fowers said he wants me to come back in & get another ultrasound. I asked him if we needed to have another one done because when I had my very first ultrasound I had the beginnings of placenta previa. When I had my 20 week ultrasound they could tell the placenta had moved, but the couldn't tell how much. So, I'm going back on March 2nd for another ultrasound. I was glad they could schedule it for when they did so Travis will be home. He missed my 20 weeks ultrasound (it was the day before he came home). I'm fairly sure that all is well and I'm hoping they'll tell me she isn't going to be a 10 pounder! Doubtful on the 10 pounder part knowing how big of babies I tend to have!
Have a great week!

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Justin & Ashlee said...

Happy Birthday Sam! I love the 'I spy' quilt. Fun! Glad all is going well with the baby. Not too much longer :) Yes, I did take the pics of Rylee in her tutu. Experimenting and not wanting to pay the fortune to have someone else do it...