Wednesday, March 2, 2011

29 week ultrasound

I had an ultrasound again today. They wanted to be sure the placenta had moved & I wasn't going to require a c-section. Thankfully everything has moved & looks good. Brookelyn is still a girl (thank goodness for Sam!). She measures big though (surprise?). My due date measurements have gone from May 15, 13, 8 & today they said the 1st. My belly is measuring at 34 weeks instead of 29. I usually measure 2 weeks bigger (in fact, I even measured just that a month ago). Dr. Fowers said we're going to have to keep a close eye on things because otherwise she could be huge. Gee...thanks. I wasn't already worried about that because I have such TINY babies!

I've gained 45 lbs so far too. That means I can still gain 17 lbs and only gain as much as I did with Caleb. Don't get me wrong, I'm NOT asking to gain that much more, I just don't want to gain any more than that!

I can still see my ankles these days too (unlike my poor sister). Dr. Fowers assured me that will change soon enough. Gee...thanks again! ;)

When they did the ultrasound today they did some of it in 4-D. She wouldn't quit wiggling - even the ultrasound tech was surprised at how much she was moving around. She did get a few good pix though. In one of them Brookelyn is sticking her tongue out at us! She seems to have chubby cheeks & has that slugo nose that's so popular here at our house. The ultrasound tech said she could see hair on her head too. Goodie-something to put all those bows I've made in! I wanted to upload the pix they printed for me, but they don't scan clear so it looks stupid when I pull them up. If I can figure out a better way to do it, I will put them up.

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Heather said...

Yay! Congratulations for healthy babies.