Friday, March 4, 2011

Some fun pictures

You can see her super chubby cheeks really good in this picture. No, she's not missing part of her arm. The placenta was blocking her face, so the ultrasound tech deleted the placenta & it took the part of her arm that overlapped it out of the picture too.

You can see her little slugo nose pretty good in this picture.
This one shows the cord draped over her head like a dreadlock! You can also see her chubby cheeks and her slugo nose pretty good in this one.
This is the one she's sticking her tongue out at us in. You can actually see eyelashes too. I don't think you can see the slugo nose in this picture as well. Back by her head you can see her little fingers though.

Last night I finished 11 pillowcase dresses. Samantha wants to keep the brown one on the end. I made the 1st one on the left for a friend's little girl. The remainder are ones I thought would be fun to get made & put on my etsy. Obviously I had intended to have them done before Valentine's Day, but that just didn't happen. Oh well, they are still super cute. By my calculations, I have 7 more to cut out & finish that are either ordered or for friends before I can start stock piling some for the 4th of July booth I'm doing in Hyrum. I also have 5 reversible bags that I need to get finished up (should finish today or tomorrow), 2 carseat canopies and another reversible bag that was ordered but isn't cut out yet. I also have 10 Christmas stockings that were ordered & need to be done, but that isn't too high on the priority list right now because it's MARCH! I'm hoping I can get 3 aprons done for gifts before Mother's Day as well. After all those are done, I have blankets for the kids that I've bought flannel for. I cut Caleb's out & Sam's is laid out but not cut out and I'm waiting on the pattern for Nash's from my mom. These quilts are awesome. They are about 5 ft by 4 ft and are shaped like different animals. They are flannel & you rag them. Hopefully they aren't too big of a bugger to sew (cutting them out is a serious pain in the rear!). I really need to quit buying fabric & just use what I've got & get stuff finished! Too bad they keep putting super cute fabric on sale for 50% off & I keep going into JoAnn's thinking - "Oh! That would be a cute _____."Last night we made hamburgers & fries. While Trav was out back grilling the hamburgers he got the kids to come out & build a snowman. I figured the snow would be too slushy and gross, but apparently, it was perfect for building a snowman. They had a great time (even the dogs were out there).
The next two pictures are of Caleb. The kid totally cracks me up lately. He's started replying in complete sentences & restating the question that you've asked him. For example: Me: "Caleb, did you leave your sippy cup in dad's truck?" Caleb: "Yes. I left my sippy cup in dad's truck." Trav was surprised at how much he's talking since the last time he was home. I guess I just don't notice it because I'm around him all the time! I think it was about the 2nd or 3rd time Trav commented on how much Caleb talks that I said, "Yeah. I know. He never shuts up these days!" There is one time of day however that he will be quiet....when Go! Diego, Go! is on. I found a Diego DVD at WalMart for about $8 that has 4 episodes on it. I'm starting to regret buying that. Since we have DVR, we record new episodes for him to watch too. So, everyone in the house gets to watch a LOT of Diego these days. In fact, last week I had the entire theme song stuck in my head for about 3 days straight!
This first picture of Caleb is when he was watching Diego in my room on my bed. It just cracked me up how he was laying there like he owned my whole bed. He was so into his Diego episode he didn't even notice I took his picture!
Nash got this Spiderman hat last winter to keep his face warm. Recently Caleb has discovered it. It's not like he's a huge Spiderman fan, he apparently just likes the hat. The night I took this picture he pretty much refused to take the hat off to do anything! Last night I thought he was going to wear it to bed because he was quite reluctant to take it off to put his pjs on and then he insisted on wearing it with his pjs! What a goofy kid! He is by far the best comic relief of my day!

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Justin & Ashlee said...

caleb is too funny :) How did your cookies turn out? We have been on a real M&M cookie kick here lately. I have to admit they are pretty yummy :)