Wednesday, March 16, 2011

3 hours at the dr.'s office....

Today I had a dr.'s appointment. Little did I know it would be such an adventure. My appointment was at 2:15 pm. I left the dr.'s office a little after 5 pm.

Part of the problem was that the person in front of me had "a procedure" done that took way more time that it "should have". Hence, I wasn't taken back until 2:45 pm.

My blood pressure looked good. My weight? Well, let's just say I've gained 8 lbs in 2 weeks. NOT happy about that. That means I've gained 53 lbs so far. Yeah, I said FIFTY THREE. I'm fairly certain I'm going to hit the 80 lb mark this time. Any takers?

Baby's heart beat sounded good at 144 bpm. Nurse asked how I was doing and I told her about the killer contractions I had ALL DAY yesterday. We're talking I even got into a warm tub to see if they'd stop & they only slowed down a bit. They were back again today too.

Dr. Fowers comes in. Decides that he wants to do an exam & check for protein. If I have protein then it's a red flag indicator for preterm labor. Great....Get the exam done and he checks me. He said she's still sitting pretty high but that he thinks I'm dialated to a 1. He said it's hard to tell for sure because she is high. I'm at a -4 too. Hmmmm...second urine sample. Urine sample turns up clear of protein - that's good. Belly measurement = 34 wks (same as 2 wks ago). Dr. thinks it might just be the way she's sitting?? Still makes me about 3 wks bigger - normal for me is 2.

Dr. puts me on the non stress test machine for around an hour. Baby's heart beat was between 129-192 which he says was good. I just hope I don't have to do the non stress test again. I had to have it done like 4 times with Nash because the kid never moved around (gee, I think being 9 lbs 4 oz might have had something to do with that??). It's SOOO boring! Next appointment I'm taking my book!!! Was SUPER DUPER glad I didn't have Caleb with me today. Oy! That would have raised my blood pressure for sure!

Dr. says "I'm not putting you on bed rest yet, but take it easy." Should've asked him to clarify what "take it easy" means. Does that mean don't go out & rake up wet leaves & use the snow shovel to throw them in the garbage again? Or, does that mean slow down some while your husband's gone & then really slow down when he's home? Probably shouldn't carry Caleb anymore? Not that I carry him much now. Probably shouldn't prime the boys' room downstairs...bummer, now I have to wait for Travis to do it (sigh...that could take AGES!). Probably shouldn't do my spring cleaning...sigh again. I don't do "take it easy" very well if you can imagine! Especially with 3 kids and no husband around. Perhaps I can get the kids to help out a bit more now?? Doubt it!

On the bright side, Dr. did say "You really probably only have about 6 wks left." I'll take that over 8 1/2 any day!

Here's to hoping the annoying contractions stop soon!


Heather said...

I hope everything stays okay. Be careful!

Tannie Datwyler said...

Sorry about the contractions! I feel your pain - sigh, those are always obnoxious when you aren't really in labor. I hope it all goes well!!