Friday, March 18, 2011

Caleb cracks me up

Anyone that has spent a great amount of time with Caleb knows the kid has quite the imagination. Ever since we went to Yellowstone last summer, he's had a love of "The Buffalo". There are a few kept here in Hyrum that are right next to main street and every time we go by them Caleb points them out. When asked what the buffalo says, you'll get the reply "Buffalo, buffalo, buffalo". Last night Caleb just wouldn't go to bed (getting to be quite the ordeal to get him there). Finally around midnight I thought if I laid down by him he might zonk out. Off we go to my bed. He was still talking up a storm, so, I went with it.

He proceeded to inform me that his dad is in fact NOT working, he's hunting. When I asked him what he was hunting, he told me "Buffalo (surprise), chickens and goose." I asked him why his dad was hunting buffalo. The only reason I ever got out of him was "because." I asked him if he thought dad would shoot a buffalo. "YES!" Guess I should've expected that answer. I asked him what his dad was going to do with the buffalo after he shot it. He told me "Him bring it home and cut it up." I asked him why he thought I'd want a stinky, dead, cut up buffalo at our house. He looks at me, very serious this entire time, and says "I kick it's butt and run away." Oh! That explains everything!

I couldn't quit giggling through the entire conversation. He kept going on about it for around 20 minutes. I thought this morning he wouldn't say anything about it. That's what I get for thinking, right? Nope. He's still set that his dad is buffalo, chicken and goose hunting. I told Trav he better bring a buffalo home! Good luck finding one of those!