Thursday, April 14, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 1

So I've started to think that perhaps people that follow my blog might be getting bored with some of my posts - they're all so alike. So as I was catching up on blog reading tonight, I found the 30 Day Blog Challenge (courtesy of Erin). So, here goes Day 1.

Day 1-post a recent picture of yourself & 5 interesting facts about you. Well, since I did just post a recent photo of myself, I won't do that again. Here are 5 interesting (maybe) things about me:

1- I clean fish better than my husband. In fact, I won't let my husband clean any fish because he just mutilates them. Last year all I wanted for my birthday was a good fillet knife & my awesome mom delivered!

2- I have a tattoo - I know, lots of you already know that. However, most everyone that I know that has a tattoo says how addictive they are. Weirdly, I have no need for another one any time soon. Not pain related or anything, just don't have anything I have to have.

3- I wasn't any good at sewing until the last year or so. I am a self described "requires intensive supervision while sewing" kind of person. I couldn't even lay a pattern out myself! I'm impressed with my bad self for making so much progress in such a short amount of time!

4- I was President of the French Club in high school, but I don't remember a lick of French!

5- I've contemplated going back to school, but I can't decide what I want to do if I do go back! I fear that if I get a master's degree I'll be "over qualified" for this valley & will for sure never get a teaching job around here. However, I also feel that there is a surplus of elementary ed teachers in the valley & that if I don't get another degree, I will also never get a job in this valley!

So, there you have it. Five interesting (at least somewhat) facts about me. If you want to do the 30 day Blog Challenge, here is the list:

day 1: recent picture of yourself and 5 interesting facts about you

day 2: your favorite movie

day 3: pet peeves

day 4: a dream of yours

day 5: your parents

day 6: your celebrity crush

day 7: an animal you'd love to keep as a pet

day 8: a hobby of yours

day 9: a place you love

day 10: a person you love

day 11: favorite tv shows

day 12: photo of you taken ten years ago

day 13: something you're afraid of

day 14: your makeup bag

day 15: your family

day 16: something you're looking forward to

day 17: favorite book

day 18: what makes you different from everyone else

day 19: something you bought recently

day 20: what did i wear today??

day 21: your friends

day 22: a place you've traveled to

day 23: favorite recipe

day 24: favorite photo

day 25: your house and your favorite rooms in it

day 26: a habit you wish you didn't have

day 27: a picture of you last year and a picture of you now

day 28: something that stresses you out

day 29: favorite vacation

day 30: photo of yourself today + three good things that have happened in the past 30 days

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Amanda Griggs said...

This is awesome. I might just do this.