Monday, April 25, 2011

Baby update, Easter + Blog Challenge Days10-13

I went to the dr. today. I was sad that I even made my appointment. I am now at 75%, -2 (stinker wiggled back up) and 3 cm. He won't strip my membranes until next Monday at my next appointment. In order to wallow in self pity, I bought myself a lemon bar & my mom a cannoli from Sweetly Divine. So glad I have someone that will wallow with me on request! I do have a smidge of hope though. My mom said my brother did the wiggle back up thing too & he was born 2 days later. I'm trying not to hope too much. I figure she'll likely make an appearance on Sat. when Sam has a dance competition from 9-1 at Sky View and Nash has a soccer game in Hyrum @ 11! Or, perhaps she'll just stay inside for ever! That's how I felt with Nash!

Well, the kids went to Manti with Trav's mom & dad. We figured if they left town & my mom was the only easily accessible adult around I'd go into labor for sure. The kids left Saturday morning at 8:30. I couldn't believe how easily Caleb left! He's become a hard core mamma's boy lately & a serious clinger. I went back to bed for a bit. When I got up I got a few things done around the house & then went to my sister's. I hadn't seen my cute niece is more than a week so it was time for a visit. I got to hold Miss Sunny for quite some time. She sure is getting big. Then I went into PetSmart. The kids have been bugging me to buy more fish for at least a month. So, the Easter Bunny picked up 7 more fish for the fish tank. After my trip to PetSmart I stopped at home & then headed over to my mom's. I spent the night at my mom's house working on Caleb's owl blanket (picture coming later). Sunday was sad when I got up. I'm so use to getting to watch kids go nuts over baskets! I ate a quick breakfast at mom's & then went home to shower & grab a few things. I went back to mom's house to help her get ready for dinner & then ended up sewing some more. I got the owl blanket finished (it needs snipped still) and started working on a skirt for Sam. My brother, Scott, my sister & her family all came out around 5:30. The kids did an egg hunt & we had lots of yummy dinner. After they all left I worked on Sam's skirt some more. I finally came home around 9:45 pm. The kids got home about 10 pm or so. They had lots of fun visiting the farm and I'm glad they got to go. But, I secretly wish I had kept them here because Easter would have been so much more fun for me! Oh well, next year!

Blog Challenge Days 10-13

Day 10: A person you love
I love lots of people. I can't choose just 1! This list would mostly consist of my family & super close friends.

Day 11: Favorite TV shows
I'm a food tv junkie. I really don't watch tv during the day. I only turn it on at night after the kids go to bed & I sit down to sew. I like the noise. I love the shows like Cupcake Wars, Iron Chef America, Chopped, etc. I know, nothing exciting.

Day 12: A photo of me taken 10 yrs ago
I'll have to find one & scan it! I don't have anything from that long ago on my computer!

Day 13: Something I'm afraid of
1. The dark. How stupid is that? I'm 30 years old for crying out loud! Whenever Trav's gone, the kids & I sleep with the hallway light on. When Trav's home we just leave the light on in the kids' room. The dark doesn't bug me unless I'm the only "adult" around. Weird.
2. Deep water that I can't see the bottom of. I think I watched too many tv shows/movies where they find bodies in the water. It totally creeps me out. If I'm in deep water that I can't see the bottom of you will NOT see me put my feet down under me. Gives me the willies!

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