Monday, April 25, 2011

Caleb's Owl Blanket

So I bought the flannel for this blanket some months ago. Caleb was with me when I bought all of it and has been asking almost daily since then when his owl blanket would be done & he could use it. Of course, he's also been asking me to take the pins out of the binding of his new quilt so he can wrap up with it on the couch too...Goofy kid.
Anyway, when the kids left this weekend I told Caleb I'd try & finish his owl blanket (I was close when he left). I spent Saturday night and part of Sunday sewing on this dang blanket. By the time he got home Saturday night, I had everything but the snipping done. I laid it over the couch so he'd see it when he walked in the house. When he came in I pointed at it and asked him "What's that?!" He looked at it kind of confused for a minute and then with a big grin on his face says, "My owl!" He climbed right up on it & didn't want anyone else sitting on it. He was climbing under it & even laid down on it to watch a dvd for a minute. When I sent them to bed he asked if he could sleep with it. How could I say no? So, he went to bed with a giant grin on his face and an enormous owl head covering his body. It was cute.
I started having some pretty good contractions this afternoon so when the kids and I got home and settled down I grabbed the owl and a pair of scissors and plopped on the couch. Caleb was not happy that the owl was on me and I told him he couldn't have it on him. Finally I convinced him to lay on the bean bag & I'd put the tail over him while I snipped the other end. I'm amazed I didn't chop a finger off because the kid did not hold still and would not leave the blanket alone! It took a couple hours of snipping, but I finally got the sucker done. I got the picture snapped and threw it in the wash to fluff up the rags. It should be ready for lovin' first thing in the morning!
Poor Nash asked when I was going to either do an "I spy" or his teddy bear blanket for him. I couldn't tell him Grandma Terri almost has his "I spy" blanket done for his birthday in 3 weeks. So, I told him "I can only do so many at a time bud." Hopefully that will help him hold out until his birthday! He should be happy though because I've decided I need to finish the clothes I cut out for the kids at the beginning of the school year. ONE of the shirts in that pile is for him! Guess I'll have to do that shirt after I finish the skirt I started on for Sam yesterday! That poor boy - he has totally got the middle child affect taking place! Good thing he won't be the only middle child any more - soon.

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