Monday, April 18, 2011

Blog Challenge Day 5

My parents...

Anyone that knows my parents knows that this post could be "interesting."

My mom: My mom & I didn't get along at all until I got married & moved out. Mom says I developed an attitude at 15 months and she's still waiting for it to subside. (No joke) After I got married and moved 4 hrs from home, I realized how much I missed my mom. Never, ever thought that realization would sneak up on me. Back then I knew it ALL! After we moved back to Logan, mom & I got a little closer. I don't think it was until I had Samantha though that my relationship with my mom became truly amazing. I finally realized everything I had put my mom through and all the feelings she had felt when I was growing up. I could finally relate to what she felt. I was lucky because my mom got to be in the room for Sam's birth (totally by accident) and I'm really glad she was. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't talk to my mom at least once. We joke that I have a quota of phone calls per day & I generally go over my quota. When one of us calls the other we usually start out with "Did ya miss me?" because it likely hasn't been too long since we talked to each other last. My mom has become my best friend and my hero. Something I never in a million years imagined would happen but am truly glad that it did. I love you mom.

My dad: My dad & I have a unique relationship to say the very least. Dad & I had the close relationship when I was growing up. One thing we loved to do (that drove my mom insane) was debate anything & everything. We could totally agree on something & we'd still take opposite stances, simply for the sake of argument. I should've been on the debate team in high school with as much practice as I got with dad! Once I got married and moved away from home, my relationship with my dad kinda started to dwindle. It saddens me that we aren't as close as we use to be. It does make me happy to watch him with my kids though. They sure do love their grandpa. Dad taught me a lot of things while I was growing up. I keep hoping that my kids are teaching him at least half as much as he taught me. I love you dad.

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