Monday, April 18, 2011

New Pictures & a Baby Update

Baby Update:
I went in to see the dr. today for my 36 week appointment. Last Monday I was at 50%, 1 cm & -3. Today I was 70%, 2.5 cm & -1. So, I figure that a week of doing nothing because I have felt so junky has actually paid off more than all the contractions I've had during the last month & a half! Dr. said he'd be surprised if I make it another week, but he'd really like me to hold out so she's not considered "pre-term" at birth. Unfortunately, Travis heads back to work tomorrow night. Luckily, they are going to let him drive his own vehicle up to Pinedale so he's only about 4 hrs from home instead of 5-6 hrs from home. I'm just hoping she doesn't decide to arrive any quicker than Nash did (4.5 hrs from water breaking to him being born). We've decided if I could make it to Sunday it would be perfect because he'd be able to work his first work week, then take his second work week off as vacation & then he'd be home for his off week. That way he'd be home for 2 weeks instead of 1. I've been saying the whole time she'd be born Easter weekend, so we'll see if I'm right or not! We might possibly send the kids to Manti with my in laws for Easter, just in case. If they leave and Trav's gone the only other easy access "adult" around is my mom & I don't want to be alone in labor & delivery!

New Pictures:

This past Saturday Nash had his first soccer game. They played down on the old Lincoln Elementary baseball field in the pouring rain. Nash loved every second of it though. I was surprised at how patient he was. They only let 5 kids on the field from each team at a time and he was in the second group of 5 to go out, so he had to sit and watch for a bit before he could play.

The only thing I felt bad about (besides the pouring rain) was that the boy runs like his father. Not quite so much like a duck, but definitely slow. He was wearing tennis shoes rather than cleats & I'm glad because I think the cleats would have made him even slower! I told Samantha she should practice with him at home so that maybe he could get a little faster. Her response? "I've tried, but he doesn't do what I tell him to!' I told her to quit being so bossy. We'll see.
They did win their game 9-3. One of the girls on his team scored 8 of the 9 goals. She obviously has older siblings that play soccer. We figured if she shows up to every game they should pretty much win every time. Should be interesting - Sam commented that she thought the girl was a ball hog though!

Samantha had her first piano recital on April 11th. She did awesome. She was the first one to play even. She did her song as a duet with her teacher. She played the theme song to Loony Tunes. She told me today that she's going to play a song from Lion King at her next recital. I'm glad Liz does so awesome! I know if I was teaching her to play she wouldn't have nearly the amount of enthusiasm or desire! I posted a video of her playing at the end of this post.

I finished another car seat canopy. This one is for Trav's brother's girlfriend. I loved this fabric when I saw it & had to buy it. I didn't know what I was going to use it for, but I knew I HAD to have it! Glad I still have about a yd of it left because it turned out super cute!

This is the other side of the car seat canopy. This is the same fabric that I used on one of the ones I did for my sister. I still love this fabric too. Too bad it's a Batik and they run like $12/yd regular price! I think I might have to buy more of this print when it goes on sale again!

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