Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring Break

Here is a side by side comparison of me at 35 wks with Caleb (left) and 34.5 wks with Brookelyn. I think I'm lookin' pretty good this time! My weight is up to +57 lbs according to my mom's scale today. Lucky for me, I don't think it's showing quite as much this time! Looking at these pictures makes me REALLY glad it isn't June & I'm NOT that big again! I did notice Thurs & Fri night that my ankles are a little swollen, but not too much. Let's hope it stays that way.

Thursday night the big kids spent the night at Aunt Jamie's & Uncle Robbie's in Farr West. They were SOO glad to get out of this house & do something. They've been going stir crazy all week because the weather has been so yucky & Sam's closest bestie has been gone to Ohio since Monday. I haven't really been up to having play dates over here either. I went down Thursday early afternoon & stayed until 5:30 or so & then Caleb & I came home. I debated about leaving Caleb, but he was telling me for a few days before that his ear hurt and his nose has been terrible. So, Thursday night was just me & Caleb. He fell asleep before I hit Brigham & stayed asleep until 8:30. I should have woke him up when I got home, but I knew he needed the sleep. Stupid me - he was awake until 2-2:30 am! And he doesn't just chill out either - he likes to run circles around the couch/island or sit on my lap while I try & sew (just imagine the help I get). Friday I took Caleb into the pediatrician. He said Caleb's tube in his left ear is starting to come out & has basically turned sideways & that's probably why it's hurting. It wasn't infected or red (wow). He did have a sinus infection though, so we got a Rx for that. After the pediatrician's office we picked up his Rx and made 1 or 2 other stops before heading back to Farr West. We got to Farr West around 3ish. The kids played and played. They were soo bummed when we finally left at 9:30 last night. Of course, all 3 zonked before we hit Brigham. And, amazingly, they stayed asleep when we got home! I only got 1 picture while we were there. Uncle Robbie brought 3 bikes upstairs for the kids to play (let's hope they don't ask to do it at home, b/c the answer is NO). Sam was pushing Caleb & Jaxton in the little blue car while Clayton & Nash did circles around them & everyone else!

I finally finished 1 of the aprons I have had laid out since November. It was going to be for my sister in law (Jamie) as part of her Christmas. I just ran out of time in December to get it done, so it's been sitting in my "pile". I finally decided I should get it done for her birthday (Monday). So, while Caleb was up running circles Thursday night, I managed to finish it. I think it turned out super cute & she was pretty excited.

I'm excited b/c Jamie has helped me make a craft for the kids' new rooms. She drew their names out (she has awesome handwriting) and we cut them out of different scrapbook paper & backed them with a solid color. I need to rubber cement the letters together & then I'm ready for the next step. The boys' are going to go onto blocks of wood. Their names are in red/blue b/c that's what colors their room is getting done in. I think I'll paint their blocks white to make their names really pop. The girls' I'm going to mount onto a white paper & then place in random 8.5 x 11 or 5 x 7 picture frames. I know I've got some frames I'm not using downstairs. For the other frames I need (we did Samantha & Brookelyn not Sam & Brooke) I'm going to go over to the DI & see if I can find some decent frames. If I can get all wood ones, I'm going to paint them white so they are a little more tied together. When they are done (and the room is repainted pink) I'm going to hang them on the walls by their beds. They are going to be super cute & I can't wait to get them finished!

Last night I was having contractions & I figured when I went to bed they'd stop. No. They continued off and on all night long. So, I didn't sleep much. The fact that Caleb came in around 2 or 3 with leg cramps didn't help. I don't think it would have been so bad if once he fell back to sleep he hadn't decided to use my belly as a pillow! I finally moved to the couch around 6 and all three kids were up around 8. I was super glad my mom didn't have to work today. She came & got all three of them around 1:30 and kept them for several hours so I could get some sleep. Contractions still haven't stopped, but they've slowed down. The funny thing is, I seriously have done like nothing the last 2 days. The entire time I was at my sister in law's house I was pretty much sitting (we were working on the letters). Guess Brookelyn's just getting ready to make her appearance? I go back to the dr. on Wed. so we'll see what he says. I think he'll be glad that next week is going to be my last week at work. That way I can spend more time "down" (ha!).

Travis found out around Christmas time that Halliburton will pay for him to finish his college degree. So, in January he reapplied to USU. He was accepted and last time he was home, he went and met with an advisor in the Business dept. He's decided to finish his degree (only about 9 yrs after he quit going to school b/c we got pregnant with Sam) in Business Administration. He's going to do the entire thing online. He researched computers and ended up buying a laptop. He can register beginning Monday. He was going to start with 12 credits, but being the awesome wife I am, I convinced him that would be overdoing it his 1st semester back, especially considering it will be summer semester & we'll have another kid. He finally saw my reasoning & agreed he'll just take 3 classes (about 6 or 7 credits). I think he's excited to get back to it. He has 77 credits total that he has to do in order to finish. He figured if he does about 8 credits summer semester & about 12 fall and winter semester, it will take him 2.5 years to get it done. Not too bad, and I'm happy because Halliburton is picking up the tab instead of us! I just wish we would have known about it when he started working there 2 years ago!

This turned out to be a longer post than I had planned. Sorry!


Justin & Ashlee said...

Congrats to Travis for going back to school. Good for him. I am excited to see pics of the name craft. They sound really cute. Hope you start feeling better :)

Heather said...

That's awesome they will pay for it. You are too crafty for your own good, you know? I'm amazed at all the projects you constantly have going. I think I'd go crazy trying to do all that!