Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Random Pictures

This first picture is specifically for my Aunt Nikki. Remind you of anyone? I about cracked up when I walked in to check on the kids before bed & found Nash with the blanket wrapped around his head like this. You can tell the blanket is only around his head and arms. I guess his legs were plenty warm!

I bought both of these pieces of fabric in the remnet bin (I'm soooo addicted to remnets!). I ended up turning them into a baby blanket to give to a friend of ours that just had their second baby. I think it turned out pretty cute. And yes, the white is minky fabric.

My mom found this pattern awhile back. She showed it to me & I really liked it so, I of course bought the 2 patterns mom didn't. Mom made a turtle blanket like this for my niece, Sunny, and then decided Brookelyn needed the caterpillar. This blanket is laying diagonal on my queen size bed & takes up most of the bed. I'm currently working on a butterfly for Sam, an owl for Caleb, and a teddy bear for Nash. The fabric in Sam's is the same fabric that's in Brookelyn with an exception or two (it needed more fabrics) and I'm using the same fabrics in Nash's and Caleb's so they match too. I think the caterpillar turned out super cute & I'm excited to see how the other 3 turn out. Cutting them out was a beast for sure! Then you have to go back & mark the pieces so you know where to machine "quilt". Mom said that sewing them all together & snipping them is the easy part! These will definitely be a labor of love & I'm not sure I'll be duplicating them any time soon!

This is quilt #1 of 9 that mom & I have put on the quilt frames in the last several days. It's for Caleb's "big boy bed" when he moves downstairs. Since he'll have the bottom bunk and it's a double, I had to do something for him because I don't have any "kid" quilts that size. Nash wanted the room blue & red (his favorite colors) and Caleb loves tractors. I was amazed that I found tractors in red and blue. Go WalMart! The binding is all pinned down and ready to start hand stitching now.

I still need to get a picture of Brookelyn's crib quilt. It's a lime green & pink with Snoopy. Super cute. I just bought the pink broadcloth for the binding today. I'm hoping I can get it and stitched together & pinned onto the quilt in the next few days. That way if I have 0 motivation (like last night) I can still sit & do something & actually accomplish something from my "to do" list!

I'm 34 1/2 wks today. I don't go back into the dr. until next Wed. When I saw my mom today she mentioned that she thinks the baby looks lower. I think she feels lower. We'll see what the dr. says when I go in in a week. I've decided to go ahead and work next week (this week is spring break) but I'll be done next Friday. I'm so worried about my water breaking at work that I just don't want to chance it! And, if she comes over Easter weekend like I think she will, that will give me a week at home before she comes. If she comes May 1st like the dr. thinks she will, I'll have 2 weeks at home. I'm not even considering that she will come after that - I know, I shouldn't get my hopes up.

We haven't done anything exciting for spring break. I don't dare travel too far from home without Travis and all 3 kids in tow. I'm going to take the kids to Farr West tomorrow night to spend the night with their Aunt Jamie & Uncle Robbie & cousins. They should be thrilled about that. The weather has been kinda poopy so they have had to pretty much stay inside. Yesterday we had to go get Caleb 2 shots so he's been kinda grumpy and clingy to me. I am hoping the weather will be nice during the next few days & I will take the kids to Baby Animal Days at the Historical Farm. We went last year and they loved it. I'm just not too sure the dr. would approve of me walking around that much. Guess we'll see what the weather does & if I can convince anyone to go with me!

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Amanda Griggs said...

You are at the hardest part of being pregnant. The point where you want to do thinks, but it may or may not induce labor, and it's the point where things have to be done. . . I hate that!

I LOVE LOVE the baby blanket! They are so cute!