Monday, April 11, 2011

Trip #1 to Labor & Deliver

Since Thursday I have had increasing pain and contractions. On Sunday I showed up at my mom's house at noon in tears. Those that know me, know I just don't do that. I have a super high pain tolerance. Mom kind of freaked out at that point. She sent me downstairs to lay down while she kept the kids entertained. Around 6 or so that night I called the dr. on call. She said she thought it sounded like I might have a bladder infection and that I should go into Labor & Delivery and get checked out. So, mom and I hauled the kids to my in laws house and dropped them off. We got to Labor & Deliver around 8 pm. They did a urine check which turned out completely fine (great actually) and put me on the monitor. They checked me and said I was STILL at a -3/-4 and a 1. Great. Thanks kid. So, they sent me home after about 3 hours with 2 percocet & an ambien. Mom spent the night at my house since the ambien can completely knock a person out.

This morning I couldn't function well enough to get Sam to school on time. So, she was about an hour and half late to school. Glad the office person and her teacher were understanding. (Mom had to be to work at 6 am.) I dropped the boys off at daycare & called to follow up with my dr. They decided to have me come in at 1:45 today instead of waiting until Wednesday.

Fast forward to dr. appointment. Weight is at +56 lbs, bp is great, no swelling, urine looks good, belly measures 37 wks (not 35). Basically am told that dr. is thrilled I've made it this far b/c he wasn't sure I would but that he'd still like to get 2 more weeks out of me. Basically tells me to do what I can to get contractions to stop or slow down. Awesome.

Fast forward to 4 pm today. Decided to time contractions. They've been anywhere from 28 min - 2 min apart. Last little bit they sped up but now I'm thinking they're going back to their 10 min apart show. I hate this! Contractions with Samantha were NEVER regular at all - even during hard labor. So, here I sit, trying to decide if I go back to Labor & Delivery or not. Mom has her cell phone nearby but has to work in the morning. Wondering what tomorrow will bring. Sure glad that Trav comes home tomorrow!


Justin & Ashlee said...

Keep us posted! I'll be thinking good thoughts for you ;)

Tannie Datwyler said...

I'm so sorry!! Mine wasn't as bad as yours, but I still had a lot of contractions with D. At 36 weeks I started to get them and had SO many false labors that were super painful (we are talking about 5 or 6 n the pain scale here) I was just mad that she wouldn't come. I'll really hope for your sake that she comes soon instead of like my little one who didn't come out until she was forced out.