Sunday, May 1, 2011

Blog Challenge Day 19

Something I bought recently:

That's a loaded question! I've been trying to stay away from the store because I know I'll find cute baby stuff!

Today I ended up taking Nash to the Insta-care because this morning he was crying about his ear hurting. I kinda thought maybe he was just being dramatic (the kid IS dramatic after all). Then I thought to myself, "Well, if I don't take him today I'll go into labor tomorrow & then his dad will have to deal with it and he deals with it by not dealing with it. So, we better go today." Samantha had spent the night at the neighbor's house and I left Caleb with mom. Off Nash & I went. For there only being 2 people in the waiting room when we got there, we had to wait forever to be seen! Typical of Insta-care though. When the dr. finally came in she looked in his ears. His left ear looked great & the tube is still in. His right ear however, well, that's another story. I guess it's red and swollen. But, of course that's not the worst of it. The dr. said it looked like his tube had been pushed back behind his ear drum. What?! She said it could just look that way because of the redness and swelling, but it could actually be back there. She gave us a prescription though so we went to Shopko to fill it. (Yes, Shopko knows who we are without asking our name when we show up to pick up prescriptions!)

So, in answer to that very short question, today I bought exactly 1 co-pay to Insta-care, 1 prescription for $3.99, 1 prescription for $15, 3 Mother's Day cards, and 1 pink bag to wrap a Mother's Day gift in! Then I came home & checked my Winder Farms order & fixed it so there's about another $30! So much for not spending any money! And I didn't even get to buy anything fun!

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