Monday, May 2, 2011

Sam's latest adventure & Blog Challenge Day 20

Sam's latest adventure:
So I should really learn to keep my mouth shut. Nash scaled to the top of the "fuzzy ball tree" we have out front. I took a couple pix and sent one to Trav asking "Any bets on how long it will be before he falls out and breaks an arm or something?" That was my first mistake! Saying it on a Monday night was my second mistake.

I had just finished mowing the lawn (most of it anyway - it ran out of gas) and had come in to check my email. Not 5 minutes later I get a knock on the door. Katelyn was at the door and told me that they had been jumping on the trampoline doing popcorn and Emily accidently landed on her arm and that Sam thought her arm was broken. I told Katelyn I was sure Sam was fine because she's just a drama queen. Meanwhile Emily ran inside & got her mom to come out. Poor Amber! I told her I was sure Sam was fine that she was just trying to help put me in labor.

Luckily when I got there it wasn't all bent out of shape or anything like it was back in August. Plus, it was the right arm not the left (she broke the left one last time). It hadn't started to swell yet either. The only thing I noticed was a bump just below her thumb but I couldn't decided if it was suppose to be there or not because he other hand had one too - just a bit smaller.

Off to home we go to get an ice pack. Now I love my Sam K, but the girl is a serious drama queen. To prove this point, tonight she said "It feels like I'm going to die!" Yeah. You aren't going to die Sam.

I decided it would be easier to take her to Insta-Care and have it checked out at 6 pm rather than listen to all the drama that would for sure insue during the night and into tomorrow. I didn't want her to miss school tomorrow and I knew she'd call me after being there for a short time. Besides, Insta-Care is a $20 co-pay and the ER is a $100 co-pay every time I go! We all loaded into the truck after I called Grandma Kris to ask if she'd keep the boys while we went to get x-rays.

We didn't have to wait too long at Insta-Care (a nice change from YESTERDAY). The dr. we saw was actually the same dr. we saw last August when she broke her arm - ironic? He felt her hand and she told him where it hurt. Then we went to get x-rays. I was back by where the pictures were loading and I couldn't see anything that looked tragic on any of the films. When the dr. came back in I fully expected him to say everything was fine. Nope. He says, "Well, there is something that looks suspicious to me." Great.... He feels Sam's hand/wrist again and asks if it hurts here or there to which she mostly replies yes. He pulls up one film in particular and shows me where a piece of bone juts out just beneath her thumb. Yup. The one I thought might look funny.

He said it's hard to tell in kids because sometimes it's a growth plate and sometimes it's a fracture. He said based on where she was hurting and the film, he was pretty sure it was a fracture and NOT a growth plate. But, to be sure he was going to have the radiologist read the film and give me a call back. He said it would probably be morning before I hear back. If it IS a fracture we get to go back to the orthopedic surgeon (We meet again Dr. Finlayson.). If it ISN'T a fracture, he gave her a brace to wear that she needs to wear 24/7 until she either goes to the orthopedic surgeon or we hear back from Insta-Care. In the case that it isn't a fracture, she wears that brace for a week. At the end of a week, if it isn't feeling better, we repeat the x-rays. Why? Because it is possible to fracture a growth plate and have it not show up on x-rays for an entire week. AWESOME.

Do you think our insurance hates us yet?
Blog Challenge Day 20: What did I wear today:

I must very sadly report that the border collie got the flip flops I got for Mother's Day last year last night. My mom had just commented the other day that they were pretty dead. But in my defense - I had broken them in & they were sooo comfy and let's face it - flip flops are the best.
So, I started out the day in a different (and uncomfortable) pair of flip flops, jeans and a purple maternity shirt. After walking the mall for an hour this morning and stopping by the house (before the 2.5 hr riverwalk) I grabbed my tennis shoes. By the time I got those flip flops off my feet were swollen enough that I had dents in the tops of my feet!

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Amanda Griggs said...

Your poor feet! I hate the swollen feet and asked ankles during pregnancy! I'm so glad that Sam didn't break her wrist! She's going to want to have both of those to hold her little sister!