Thursday, May 5, 2011

Blog Challenge Day 22 & 23, Cinco de Mayo & pictures

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I went back to the dr. today to have my membranes stripped again. I didn't see "my" dr., but rather the PA. She was super nice. She told me "Don't be surprised if nothing happens. I've known ladies that have walked around at a 4 for 2 weeks." Wasn't happy about that. She was sympathetic to my situation though. She told me "you're about as effaced as you can get" but I'm also still at a -2 and a 3+ cm. While we were at Trav's parents' house tonight I got to "waddle briskly" around the block with my sil and mil. Been having some contractions. Let's hope they do something already. Although, it would be kind if it would wait to get serious until after Nash's Mother's Day Tea at school tomorrow. His little heart is set on me coming!

We had the "pleasure" of making a trip to the dermatologist for Nash today. He's had this wart on the joint of one of his fingers for ages. We did an over the counter thing once about 6 weeks ago. It made it smaller at first, but after about 2 weeks it was back to its original size. The PA we saw froze it off & then discovered a second, very small one, so she froze that one too. We're hoping she got it good enough that we don't have to go back and have it done again. I think we'd have to drag him in kicking and screaming to have it redone. He cried for quite some time after. Tonight both warts are totally engulfed in blisters. I can't believe how fast they blistered and how big the blisters are. We put bandaids over them before he went to bed tonight so if they pop, he won't get "wart juice" all over his bed. Nice image, huh?

For Cinco de Mayo we got to go to Trav's parents' house for dinner. They bought a new trampoline (Travis killed theirs last fourth of July) and Travis and the kids helped grandpa set it up. They were THRILLED! Oh how they have missed the trampoline. Yes, Samantha was allowed to get on it. I'm not one of those mom's that's like "NO! Stay off the trampoline so you don't get hurt!" I figure we have a daily injury quota at our house that must be filled by someone at sometime. It's just part of growing up, right?

Day 22: A place I've traveled to
I've not traveled much, but then I've traveled a million miles! We make regular trips to Manti (which my kids absolutely love). Trav & I have traveled to St. Louis, Phoenix, Zions, Bryce & Yellowstone. The kids & I traveled to Oregon & Washington. We make fairly regular trips to Lake Powell. We've seen the Grand Canyon. We always love Flaming Gorge. Taking the kids and going off for an adventure is always fun. I always say "It's not camping with the Bowns if there isn't catastrophic weather or some kind of "event"." This year it sounds like we might be making a camping trip to Zions with the kids and with Trav's sister's family. Should be interesting to say the very least. Nothing worked out solid yet, just an idea.
The one major trip I have been on was when I was a senior in high school. My grandparents were on their mission in Wellington, New Zealand. I was lucky enough to have parents that had the time and the means to take us to visit them in New Zealand. Not only that, but we stopped in Sydney, Australia for about 7 days, and then hopped over to Oahu, Hawaii for about another 7 days. We were gone for a total of 3 weeks. Talk about a senior trip! It wasn't even too bad going with my family! We had a ton of fun and there are still certain things we joke about to this very day. I'd love to be able to go back with the kids and Trav some day. Maybe if I'm lucky.

Day 23: A favorite recipe
Anyone that knows me well knows I have a recipe book addiction. I have quite a few favorite recipes. I think one that tops the list these days is the Pampered Chef Chicken Enchilada Ring. It is super yummy and super easy. My kids won't eat it though, so I can only make it when Trav's around - otherwise I end up with lots of food for just me and it ends up going to waste because I can't eat all the left overs quick enough. I'd be happy to send anyone the recipe that wants it.

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Justin & Ashlee said...

I want a copy of the recipe! I keep thinking I need to do this blog challenge. I have seen a few people do it and I think it is cool to record/journal some of those things. But can I remember to do it everyday for a month???