Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Samantha update, Project of the day, Sam's dance pix & Blog Challenge Day 21

Samantha update: The radiologist called this morning & we were told that it doesn't look like a fracture. However, she still has to wear the brace for a week & then go in & get new x-rays to make sure the growth plate didn't fracture.

Here's the project I finished today:
In case you can't read it, it says Dance like nobody's watching. I'm going to put it in the girl's room once we get the boys moved downstairs. I still want to do at least one more for the girl's room, but I don't know what saying I want yet. Suggestions welcome!

We were able to get Sam's dance pix back today. When I posted them on fb I hadn't cropped them so they look better here. I should've scanned the group pix, but didn't know how many parents would appreciate it. So, I just did her individuals.

Blog Challenge Day 21: My friends

Not sure what to write about my friends. I have lots of friends - and I love them all dearly. I do however have 1 friend in particular that I consider my "bestest" friend. Laura & I have been friends since we were about 5 yrs old. I'm not even sure I remember how the heck we met! I just know we've been friends for EVER! She's the one that watches my kids while I work. She's the one I refer to as my children's "other mother". She's about the only person (besides my mom) that I talk (or text) to on nearly a daily basis. When I was working in Ogden, I'd call her on my way home & we'd talk until I pulled into her driveway! Travis found out about Halliburton because that's where her husband use to work. She has 3 kids & they fall between mine so together we've got quite the herd. In fact, she's had people ask her if my kids were hers! I keep telling her they could be! Here's to being friends for another 25 yrs "bestie!" ;)

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Tannie Datwyler said...

Wait Travis works for Halliburton??? My BIL works for them in Vernal. I thought that Vernal was the only branch in Utah.