Thursday, May 19, 2011

Blog Challenge Day 28

Something that stresses me out

1-Caleb! That child is a MONKEY! Not only that, he's in that stage where running away from mom in public places is funny. Flashbacks to when we lost Nash at the Denver airport!

2-Money - I seriously wish we worked on a trade & barter system still. I'd be golden then!

3-I'm a worrier. I come by it naturally. Since I'm a worrier, I tend to stress myself out about lots of stupid little things. Ask Travis - I'm sure it drives him insane.

4-Bad weather - I hate telling the kids that they have to stay in the house. They are such outdoor lovin' munchkins. When they have to stay inside they tend to go into a grumpy groove which makes me grumpy which stresses me out!

5-Politics in the workplace - I've dealt with this junk enough that just thinking about it makes me start to get a migraine! Why can't things be a bit more simple?

I'm sure there are more! But, I guess this is a good list for now!

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