Friday, May 20, 2011

Blog Challenge Day 29

A favorite vacation:

Yellowstone National Park - the kids just weren't thrilled about the amount of driving. Otherwise, they loved it (and so did Trav & I).

Oregon - Samantha started asking in FEBRUARY if we could go back this summer. I think she'd change her mind after a few hours in the Expedition with her sister. I made a trip to Washington when she was just a few months old & it was LONG!

Jackson Hole - Samantha has also been asking to go back here!

Nash LOVED his hunting trip with his dad & the boys. He can hardly wait to go again!

Any time we get to play in the water and sand we're all happy! (Bear Lake)

Camping - one of our favorite things to do in the summer that we don't get to do nearly enough!

Our yearly Lake Powell trip! The kids don't care too much for the ride, but otherwise love the trip!

The kids always love the zoo!

Florida - Samantha has also been asking to go back here!

Anywhere with the grandparents is always a favorite for the kids!

I also loved my trip to New Zealand, Australia, & Hawaii. My parents, brother & sister & I went my senior year of high school. I'd LOVE to go back. I wouldn't love taking my kids on a 26 hr plane ride, but I know they'd love the trip too!

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