Sunday, May 8, 2011

Trip #4 (yes, FOUR) to L&D

Last night when I went to bed about 10:30 pm I started having contractions. I had them all night long (again). Some of them were shoot you up out of bed and make you wanna cry kind of bad. They didn't seem consistent though (again) so I tried not to wake Trav up.

This morning I decided to start timing them around 9 am. I decided I'd get up and make the kids pancakes (ok, I wanted pancakes) while I timed them. Contractions were 3 min. apart. Travis started getting excited. I told him not to get his hopes up. We dropped the kids at Trav's parents' house and went back to L&D.

I got to L&D and the nurse told me I was at 70%, -2 & 4 cm. Now, remember, the PA I saw on Thursday told me "You're about as effaced as you can get." So, I threw that 70% right out the window when I heard it. I'm taking the PA's word here, NOT the nurse.

They put me on the monitor for about 30 min. and then had me walk. Fortunately for me, my contractions were mostly showing up on the monitor this time. After being monitored for 30 min. I got up and "waddled briskly" around the floor. Much to my surprise, I was the ONLY pregnant woman on the ENTIRE floor. I was hoping this would mean that they might start me if it wasn't "for real".

After walking for 30 min., the nurse checked me again. She said I hadn't made any progress. She also said that it looked like I had "uterine irritability" which is where you basically have one long contraction that never goes away. This was likely due to my having walked. So apparently this negates the contractions I was having that were a minute and a half apart.

I asked if I should go walk or what I should do. The nurse told me no because I'll pretty much just drive myself crazy. Why? Because if it isn't real labor, it will just continue the unterine irritability. I asked how I'm suppose to know if I'm in real labor or not. She told me I'd have contractions I couldn't walk through. Really? Cuz that's already happening here lady!

The nurse was trying to be helpful and tells me. You're first on the induction list for tomorrow. We've started taking inductions at 5 am now so call us at 4 am instead of 6 am to see if we can get you in at 5 am. Really? Cuz I was first on the induction list with Caleb too. Anyone remember how that went? After 12 hrs of calling the hospital my dr. finally told me to "just go in, don't call again." Great.

So, after about an hr. and a half we were sent home. Yes, sent home. I'm at a 4 and my contractions are a minute and a half apart and I'm being sent home...AGAIN! I think I'm destined to have this child at HOME!

We went back to Trav's parents' house and have been here since. I've been laying down having contractions all afternoon while Trav has monitored kids. His mom made a super yummy lunch earlier too. So, here I sit, hurting from my belly button to my calves, having contractions, doubting the intelligence of the people at LRH, and wondering if this child is EVER going to come out....

PS Happy Mother's Day


Heather said...

Be careful Miss Misty! I hope all goes well with the baby.

Justin & Ashlee said...

Happy Mother's Day! I wish you well through the night and tomorrow. Hope all goes well. Can't wait to see pics.....