Friday, June 3, 2011

Kid stats

I took Nash & Samantha in to see the pediatrician today for a well check. Amazing, I know! Caleb did get a prescription while we were there because the child does have another sinus infection! His tonsils and adenoids are coming out June 23rd. This makes 9 sets of tubes, 3 sets of tonsils and 3 sets of adenoids. Any bets that I have to buy another 3 sets of tubes and have another set of tonsils and adenoids removed within the next 3 years?? Lets hope NOT!
Anyway...the 2 healthy ones are doing well. I was surprised to see how much they have grown. I haven't had them in for a well check since they were 4 because they haven't needed any immunizations.

66 lbs - This puts her in the 74th%
53 inches tall - This puts her in the 81st% - she is super tall compared to other kids her age (at least in my opinion)
I can't believe how big she's getting! She's become really good help with the other kids (when she wants to be!) She's such a cute little mom to Caleb - being one to Nash is another story! She just likes to boss him around! She's getting pretty good at the piano and I'm surprised at how much energy she has! She likes to go and do everything! She's quite the social butterfly around kids but is fairly quiet around adults (except her parents). She loves playing school with other kids - I think it's because she's so bossy! She loves to read as much as her parents and especially likes non fiction. She's more like her mother than she realizes! She loves being outside & will spend all the time she can out there. She's quite the girly girl but isn't afraid of a little dirt - she'll even dig for worms with Nash! I can't wait to decorate her room all girly! I've wanted to do that since she was born but haven't really had the chance to.

47 lbs - this puts him in the 57th% - the kid is scrawny!
45 1/2 inches tall - This puts him in the 48th% - I don't think he looks short!
Nash is getting so big! He has his first loose tooth. I hope he isn't as big of a boob about having it pulled as his big sister is! His hair was finally laying flat for the first time in his life & I took him to get a haircut. If it wasn't for the terrible duck butt in the back, I'd have let him leave it long. He's such a tender heart and gets his feelings hurt fairly easily. I feel so bad lately because he's got an obvious case of middle child syndrome. I'm wondering if it will carry over to Caleb now that they are both considered the middle child. He'll tell me, "Mom. I love you." at least 3 times a day - usually more. He loves his LEGOS and building. He's so good at entertaining himself. Sometimes I feel so bad because there aren't any boys his age in our neighborhood close by. That's actually the reason I signed him up for soccer and t-ball this year! I wanted him to have a chance to meet new kids (boys) his age that live within a close distance to our house! He really liked playing soccer and I think he'll want to do it again next year. He's doing really good at t-ball (he doesn't dog pile on top of the pile to get the ball!). He's fairly quiet but he can be just as noisy as the rest of them when he gets excited. He loves to color and I'm impressed at how well he does to stay in the lines and how particular he is about what colors he uses and how sharp his crayons are (he spent quite awhile sharpening crayons the other day). He's getting to be a pretty good reader and likes to take at least 4 books to bed with him each night!

Caleb insisted on being weighed today too. He's a whopping 27 lbs. He wanted me to check his height too but he's difficult to get to stand the right way. He's about 3 ft. tall. The kid is a whirlwind these days! Once he learned to crawl I should've seen it coming! He hasn't slowed down! He thinks he's done with naps, but he still needs one. The last couple days he hasn't gotten one in and when he stops moving for 5 seconds he has crashed for the night. I guess that's good for me! No bedtime drama! He idolizes his big brother and wants to do absolutely everything Nash does. This tends to drive Nash nuts and we haven't been able to get him to completely understand why Caleb's doing it. Caleb also loves his big sister to death! She's such a good little mom to him that he will ask her for help as readily as he'll ask me. I'm surprised at how interested he is in his little sister. I'm not sure if it's because he sees Sam & Nash helping with her that makes him interested or if it's something else. Either way, he likes to hold her and feed her. Tonight he helped with her bath. He's always asking me questions about why she does certain things. I think it's the beginning of the "why?" phase! He hasn't mastered the art of potty training yet, but we're working on it and he generally doesn't fight me on it. He's still working to earn that "DS" he picked out at WalMart a month or two ago. He is excited to go to preschool in the fall so he can go to school like his big brother and sister. This one too loves his books and will take at least 4 to bed with him as well. He'd sit and listen to me read to him all day if I would!

Brookelyn - Yesterday was the first day in a week that she didn't cry all day long! I was THRILLED to say the least. She actually spent the majority of the day sound asleep. I think she was so exhausted from crying so much for the last week that she totally needed all that sleep too. I was worried she'd be awake playing all night last night but, she slept! Today, however, the crying was back with a vengeance. The poor girl was crying even when I was holding her today. I've decided she's super constipated. I asked the pediatrician what else I could do besides take her temperature. He told me I could give her MiraLax (poop medicine we've used with Sam). He also told me to use 1 tsp of milk mixed with 1 tsp of oil as an enema. She did NOT like that! Yesterday she didn't get any formula at all. I gave her 1 4 oz bottle of half juice half water and she drank the entire thing. I thought that would help get things going today. Nope. It took the juice mix yesterday, the milk/oil enema, a suppository, a 3 oz bottle of breastmilk with dark karo syrup in it, and finally another juice mix before she finally pooped! Poor child. After she pooped I put her in the bathtub. It was the first time she hasn't screamed like a banshee the entire time she was in the tub. She actually seemed to enjoy it in there tonight. Once I got her out and got her dressed I could tell she was tired but she was acting hungry. So, I nursed her and she fell asleep. Poor baby has been sound asleep since. I'm glad she at least gets enough relief to sleep at night - otherwise we'd both be going nuts! I'm hoping that tomorrow she'll be happy again. Otherwise, we will be going back to the chiropractor on Monday!

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