Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer begins...

This one has finished his first season of soccer:

This one has decided he's done with these despite any and all begging & pleading from mom:

This one is turning out to be fairly decent help:

This one got in the tub & actually didn't scream the entire time!:

We managed to get a few pictures of her looking cute & not screaming yesterday & today:

I think Brookelyn totally looks like Caleb did! I'll have to post a picture of him for comparison!

What I want to do this summer:
1. The library's summer reading program began yesterday. We've got our reading passports and are all ready to begin!
2. Samantha begins summer dance today. She's excited to have her cousin Jade in her class. I think Jade is just as excited!
3. I've got to get a yard sale done! I have a ton of stuff & I have done absolutely NO fundraising for Relay for Life!
4. All 3 of the big kids are signed up for Summer Learning Camp with Miss Shannon. Miss Shannon was Sam's Kindergarten teacher and is going to be Caleb's preschool teacher this fall. The kids are going to her place on Tuesday mornings for 2 hrs where they will get to do a craft, a story and a snack. I think Sam's just as excited about it as Caleb. Sam LOVES Miss Shannon! I'm hoping that it will get Caleb use to going and use to Miss Shannon before preschool starts in September!
5. I told Travis we need to make a trip to Manti in June. Unfortunately, I might not make it in June. It might be July! The kids would be bummed big time. They are looking forward to going. They haven't been since Easter and before that it was Christmas. I hate to go without Travis, but I might have to.
6.Travis & I are trying to plan a family vacation. We originally talked about Zions and Bryce Canyon. Now we're thinking perhaps South Dakota (Mt. Rushmore, etc). If we can round up some money & plan a time we will be off! Lets hope that Brookelyn does better in her carseat on that trip than Sam did in her carseat on the way to Washington her first summer! That was a LONG ride!
7. Brookelyn has given me 5 minute intervals to weed my flowerbeds. Unfortunately with all the rain we got this spring the weeds are out of control! I'm not even exaggerating! Caleb went with me to buy flowers a few weeks ago. If I don't get them all in the ground soon, they are going to be dead! I did manage to get our few garden plants planted when Travis was home. They are looking good. Now if I can get the flowerbeds to match! I also need to weed what small area of a garden space I have left. My mom has raspberry starts for me!
8. Samantha is looking forward to the church activity day when they go swimming (next week). I'd really like to take the kids to the Aquatic Center several times this summer. I just don't know if I can keep a close enough eye on all 4 of them by myself! Perhaps we'll have to commission Uncle Zack to go with us!
9. I'd also really like to take the kids to the park regularly. I wanted to go to Willow Park yesterday, but with the migraine I had and the lack of listening skills Caleb had, I figured it was a BAD combination! Too much wind to go out with Brookelyn today. Perhaps we'll make it tomorrow! Good thing we've got baseball 2 times a week because the kids hit the park then!
10. I've got a bunch of super cute 4th of July fabric I bought a bit ago that I want to get some pillowcase dresses made out of. I'm fairly certain I have a booth for the 4th in Hyrum. My sister's BFF, Heidi (my other little sister), is doing a booth at Founder's Day in August that she said I could share with her (she's going to share mine on the 4th) so I've got to get some stuff done for then too! Let's hope that Brookelyn's crying spurt doesn't last too much longer!
11. If we don't get the boys moved downstairs to their new room soon we're going to be in trouble! I couldn't put many of Brookelyn's clothes in the closet (4 kids' clothes in 1 closet just doesn't work well). Besides that, Brookeyn will be too big for her bassinet soon and I'm going to need my crib (which is currently a toddler bed for Caleb)!

Looks like we're going to be busy & stay busy the entire summer!

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