Sunday, July 3, 2011

I hate coming up with titles for my blog entries!

Completely random, has nothing to do with my post BUT, can I just say that I hate figuring out a title for all my blog posts!

2 weeks ago I did a yard sale as a fundraiser for my Relay for Life team. I netted about $120 in that one sale. I decided to do another yard sale because I still had a bunch of stuff left after the first one & didn't want to load it up to haul it off! I ended up doing a yard/bake sale this time. I even had more than 1 person come by to help me pull it off! After 2 Saturdays worth of work, I've netted about $240 for my Relay team. Not bad, but when you consider that the first yard sale fundraiser I did for Relay 3 years ago netted $1300 in one day, not too great either. Oh well, I'll take what I can get! I'm doing a booth at the Hyrum square on Monday the 4th again this year. 50% of my proceeds from that booth will go towards my team fundraising as well.

Last time I went shopping I found this onsie. I thought it was too cute to pass up.

Today my dad offered to take the kids down to the river at Grandpa Maughan's and go fishing. Mind you I've been telling dad that the kids have been asking me if Grandpa would take them fishing since December. You should have seen how excited they were when I told them Grandpa was coming to take them fishing on the river! Forget Santa! Grandpa & fishing CANNOT be beat! Caleb didn't go because he was sound asleep. He was kinda bummed when he woke up 4 hours later and found out!
From what my dad told me, Sam had 3 bites but was unable to get any of her fish out of the river. Dad said he thought she was worried she was going to get pulled right into the river! Must've been big ones! Nash had a really nice 20 inch brown out of the river & laying on the bank. As my dad was getting his pole ready for him to cast back in, Nash decided to play with his fresh catch. Apparently the fish ended up flopping down the bank & back into the river! Luckily he caught 2 more. Unfortunately the 3rd fish he caught broke the line right as it got to the bank. Great Grandpa Arol didn't even get a bite! He did however get tangled up in the trees though! Grandma Lea must've been sitting on the kids' shoulders showing them the ropes! I know Grandpa was thrilled for them.
Getting this picture of Nash was a chore. He apparently thinks "fish are gross." He was worried the teeth were going to hurt him. I had to hold the fish first & show him there wasn't anything to be worried about -- because we all know if mom can do it so can Nash!

After Grandpa Larry & Nash got his fish cleaned & ready to throw on the grill we went back to the house. We had a nice fire going and Grandpa cooked steaks and hot dogs and Nash's fish. The food was quite yummy. Weirdly enough NONE of the kids would try Nash's fish! Little weirdo's! They usually scarf fish right up!
After dinner the kids cooked s'mores for everyone. Even Caleb cooked marshmallows (very near perfect all by himself I might add!).
After we had our fill of s'mores (can you really ever get your fill of s'mores?) Grandpa Larry lit fireworks for the kids. He was quickly dubbed "genius" by the kids & I. Why? Multiple reasons really - 1. The wind was blowing so he was lighting fireworks right next to the fence. 2. One of the fireworks didn't have a fuse so he tossed it into the fire to light it!!! 3. He wouldn't "run for your life" like Caleb told him to do after he lit the fireworks.

We did go watch the stadium fireworks last night. I didn't get any pictures this year though. My arms were full of baby & we didn't go into the stadium. We did have fun though and in fact, the boys spent the night at Grandpa Scott & Grandma Kris's house afterwards so it was just us girls here for the garage sale this morning.
Monday is full of festivities in Hyrum. Sam & Nash & I are walking in the parade & throwing candy for Relay. I promised them I'd only make them walk in the parade until we reach city hall (I didn't figure I'd actually get them to walk the entire parade route & then back up to the square as well. Heck I'll be doing excellent to get them to the city square!). My mom is helping me run my booth. I'm hoping I sell some stuff but I'm a bit worried because my booth is set back not on the main path this year. Here's to hoping anyway! I figure I can always post stuff that doesn't sell on my etsy site & it's a good motivator to get some projects finished!
Travis comes home on Tuesday & Caleb is suppose to get his tonsils & adenoids out on Thursday. Relay for Life is Friday & Saturday out in Smithfield. Could be a week full of insanity! Guess that isn't too out of the norm these days though! Happy 4th of July!

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