Wednesday, July 13, 2011

4th of July

We had a full 4th of July this year. Sam, Nash & I were in the Hyrum Parade. Yes, I know...stupid, stupid, stupid. It was however for a good cause (Relay for Life). I also did a booth at the Hyrum Square. Didn't make much money (my mom did though). We watched the Logan fireworks on the 1st out in North Logan. I took the kids out to my in laws house & we were the only ones there for the party (weird - that never happens). I need to copy some of the pictures that she got on her camera (my hands were full of Brookelyn so I didn't get any on mine). We watched the Hyrum fireworks on the 4th at the Rodeo grounds with my in laws & the cousins. I need to copy some of those pictures from my mother in law too! Even without the dad around, we managed to have a pretty good time.

The kids watching fireworks at Grandpa Larry & Grandma Terri's house.

Brooke was happy at the Hyrum fireworks - she had a binki, her beautiful hairbow & a fist full of those glow in the dark things.

After all the excitement at the square on the 4th we got home & I asked Sam to watch Brooke so I could unload my expedition so we could put the back seat back in & go pick up Caleb. This is what I found about an hour later (notice Sam's feet):

Miss Festive herself looking mighty cute

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