Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Relay for Life 2011

This year my team raised close to $1,000. Much more than my initial estimates would have guessed. We were out at Forrester Acres in Smithfield this year. The track was .69 mile. We bought Sam some lap beads & had about 18 by the time we left (around 12 miles). Nash got to stay at the site with me this year. This was his first year getting to stay. I also had Brookelyn with me the whole time. Travis stayed for much more than I anticipated he would. He kept Caleb with him since Caleb had his tonsils & adenoids out the day before.

What the final lap looked like.

Caregiver garden:

Closing ceremony:

Balloon release (you should have heard the earful I got from a lady who felt that releasing balloons isn't an effective way to send our thoughts to heaven. Rather it's a littering event & should be given a $200 fine....)

Our team shirts (orange for Cindy & kidney cancer)

Getting balloons to release:

B slept quite a bit (much better than screaming, right?)

B had a pink onsie because they didn't have orange ones (boo).

I ask my husband to take 1 picture! I wanted a picture of grandma & Cindy when they walked by & this is what I get. Thanks dear...

Survivor lap:

Caleb watching Sam & Jade dance (after the 20 min. rain delay)

1 day I will get Amber on my team! She was diagnosed at 27 yrs old & just reached her 5 yr survivor mark! Way to go!!

How cute is this baby?

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Justin & Ashlee said...

Glad you had fun at the Relay and were able to donate quite a bit! That is cool. These next few weeks I just have projects to get done before the baby gets here while I am Ryleeless. I just finished a minky quilt - all by myself! Then I have a few other things like car seat cover, receiving blankets, clean out closets, a little scrapbooking, etc.... The list never ends :)