Thursday, July 28, 2011

We were at Grandpa Scott & Grandma Kris's house the other day with all the cousins. Not everyone is looking at me, but, no one is crying!
This week while Trav's home we are visiting different places close to home for our family vacation. On Monday we went to Hogle Zoo. We haven't been since Caleb was Brooke's size. There are a lot of things that are different at the zoo since we were there last. And, they are adding a huge section onto the zoo. We will have to visit again next summer to see the new addition to the zoo.
We got to see the baby elephant:

The dinosaurs that they use to have in a special section you had to pay extra to see are now spread throughout the zoo. They also have some fossils and fun things about dinosaurs in one of the bldgs. This is a giant fossilized footprint:

This is how everyone should do the zoo:

After we left the zoo we went down to The Gateway. We had dinner at the food court before heading over to the Planetarium. Travis hasn't been there since we went on our honeymoon. They are in a different bldg now than they were then. The kids haven't ever been to the planetarium before. I've been a few times on school field trips. The kids loved this contraption:
My boys on the moon:
The kids on Mars:
We watched the Led Zepplin laser show while we were there. I wouldn't recommend going to the laser show. They didn't use the lasers much. The laser show Trav & I saw when we visited on our honeymoon was much better than the one we saw this time. The IMAX shows are awesome. I've seen those when I've been with the school. Brooke loved the laser show because of all the lights and sound. The boys got bored pretty quick. Trav was disappointed because of the lack of lasers. Sam was kind of indifferent. I thought it was ok.
Tuesday we stayed home because the kids had summer camp & Nash had an appointment. Tuesday night Travis & Nash went into Logan to rent movies from Hastings. Sam & Brooke & Caleb & I went down to my mom's house. Brooke put her feet in the pool for the first time:
On Wednesday we went down to Ogden to the George S. Eccles Dinosaur Park. This park is amazing! I would definitely recommend taking your kids here. Don't skimp out on seeing what's inside the bldg. In fact, go in there first! It's better than outside in my opinion. There are lots of huge dinosaur fossil skeletons. Here's the wooly mammoth:
If you pay a little extra you can let your kids excavate for polished rocks, cut a geode open or pan for gold. Sam & Nash chose to excavate for rocks (Caleb helped) and Caleb opened up a geode. His geode is awesome. I need to get a picture of it. They were all thrilled with their rocks though.
Some of the fossils:

Outside there are tons of dinosaurs placed throughout the park (8 acres). They don't move or anything, but they look quite life like:
They had quite a few of this cutouts for photo opportunities:

This dinosaur fossil is left in the rock because it's got gold in the rock as well. Not sure if it's fools gold or actual gold - I didn't get a chance to read the whole placard:
The Flinstones!
This one of Caleb cracks me up:
World's Most Dangerous Creature:
Brooke did the dinosaur park the same way she did the zoo:
There's this sandbox that has fossils in it that the kids can excavate. This little boy came up and started talking to Sam. She told me when we left that he told her he liked her. She was like, "He doesn't even know me!"
After leaving the dinosaur park, we went to Sandy to The Living Planet Aquarium. It was better than I thought it would be:

We stayed home today so Travis could study for his finals. We'll be home tomorrow because Travis has to take a test & we are celebrating Caleb's birthday tomorrow night. I've got to get that Diego cake made!

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Nikki said...

I like your 45 lesson post--good quotes for my quote board :) Speaking of can you tell me the one down in your boys room on that little square board. I think I remember it but then again I'm old :) Thanks again for yummy cake and ice cream!