Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tons of photos....

1st of all, a completely random side note: Hyrum is starting a Farmer's Market on Thursday nights. They begin Aug. 4th and run from 6 pm - 8:30 pm. My understanding is that they will go through September and possibly a few weeks into October. Yes, I have a booth - hence, the side note.

Another random side note: We've decide we're going to baptize Samantha & bless Brookelyn on Saturday, Sept. 10th. We don't know what time yet but will send out formal invites when we do know. So, plan to come!

Disclaimer: My kids are too photogenic & I can never decide which photos to buy or post. So, there are a lot of pictures in this post!

Last night I put Brookelyn in the tub. She's finally getting to where she doesn't scream like a made woman every time I put her in the tub. In fact, she gets one leg kicking and it never stops the entire time she's in the water! In this picture she's looking at Nash. She sure loves that boy. She won't take her eyes off him when he's in her line of sight.
She's also gotten much happier much more of the time. I'm always thrilled when I can catch one of her cheesy grins on camera.
Last night I took all 4 of the kids and Sam's BFF, Jolie, to Willow Park. We got out of there just before the rain started. It was nice though because it had rained earlier in the day so it wasn't too hot. The playground was boiling, burn your bum on the slide hot but nothing was wet either. Brooke enjoyed the stroller ride (mostly)...
Travis and the boys were talking about hunting the other day. They've decided they're going to shoot a bear and a moose. Then, they're going to do full body mounts on both of them and put the bear on the moose so it looks like the bear is riding the moose like a cowboy. Oh and the bear will have a cowboy hat but not boots, because that would be dumb. Despite the moose and bear talk, they were still thrilled to see "TJ" (the name of the elk on our wall).

Here's why I say Brooke mostly enjoyed the stroller ride...she was mad when we started and mad when we finished, but she was happy in between!
This past Sunday I took all 4 kids to church...by myself so Trav could finish studying for his final that he took on Monday. All the kids looked cute, but Brooke was the only one I got pictures of. It's crazy to think Sam wore this dress after her blessing!

After church I took the kids down to my mom's house to get in her pool. Caleb has been terrified of the big pool all summer long. Recently he's started getting a bit more use to the idea of it. Two times ago he climbed on the ladder and put his toes in. Last time he hung onto the ladder while he floated in the water. This time he miraculously let go of the ladder, held onto the edge and bobbed in the pool! I even have a picture to prove it! He was extra excited when Grandpa got in the pool with 6 of the 7 grandkids. Unfortunately my camera batteries died so I have to get those photos from my mom.
Brooke had her first "bob" in the pool the other day as well. She loved it as much as the tub! She was sad when we made her get out because it was getting cold. It's a good thing her Grandma will get in the pool with her because mom doesn't (eczema is too broken out).

While Travis was home I went to Make It With Mandy Craft Night. I had ordered a few projects to do. I convinced my sister to go with me and Samantha decided she wanted to come along as well. It was fun to have a girls night and do something I wanted to do. Sam was great at painting and I've signed up for next month's projects too. If you want to check them out go to the Super Saturdays with On the Avenue link on the left under favorite links.

I let Sam pick a project to do for my mom. She had wanted to go but had to close at work. Sam did this one all by herself for Grandma. Grandma was impressed and so was I!

They give away some door prizes at this shin dig as well. Sam won a free haircut from Fringe Saloon & look what I won:
And how stinking cute is this baby girl? She was being super smiley and happy yesterday morning & I was able to catch it on my phone. I was thrilled when I was able to email the photo to myself!

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Tannie Datwyler said...

FUN pictures of your kiddos! How exciting to have a baptism and blessing coming up.