Sunday, August 14, 2011

Camera dump before Lake Powell

My poor husband has been up for close to 22 hours now & is outside working on putting new front brakes on the expedition (1 of the many reasons I love that man). I'm suppose to be packing all 6 of us for Lake Powell. I'm not very motivated. I decided I'd better dump all the pix off my camera before I go so I don't have that many more to download when I get home. I know, I should be doing something else! Here's to hoping I'm more motivated when I finish this post!

Last night I went down to my mom's house. Their apricot tree is chuck full of apricots. If you want some or know anyone that does, let me know! Mom has all she wants. Nash of course was scaled up inside the tree (in his flip flops of all shoes).

I stopped at my cousin's house before I went to my mom's house & Caleb fell asleep. When I got to my mom's I woke him up & got him out of his carseat. This is where he stopped...

This picture was taken by Caleb. Bob was very sad.

Yesterday I put this flower in Brooke's "hair". I bought it at Nibley Heritage Days specifically for this dress. It's adorable. Bigger than her head, but adorable none the less!

Girlfriend has been double fisting it lately. Teeth are hurting her most of the time these days.

I bought a package of teething rings the last time I was at WalMart. Brooke LOVES them. She went from me having to hold them to her grabbing them with both hands and shoving them into her mouth in about 2 days.

A few nights ago I had Caleb sitting up at the counter eating dinner. Next thing I know, Nash tells me he's here:

The rest of these pictures are ones I downloaded off my phone.

This is the dress I finished for my cousin's daughter. She turns 3 next week & this is our birthday present for her.

We had much of this this week. I took this picture to prove to Travis that I do use "nose on the wall".

I think I mentioned I bought some stuff from the new Avon line from my sister. Here's Bob in her new piggy towel.

I also bought her a little blanket with a cow head on it. She loves it. She puts the death grip on that thing & doesn't let it go.

Well, I guess I'd better go finish packing for Lake Powell. I'm just not excited to pack for 6 people for an entire week! I know I'm going to forget something...probably something of mine! See you in a week!

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Chad & Cassidy said...

Poor Caleb must be growing, he's past out in every picture lol :)