Friday, August 12, 2011

Reasons why I'm a good mom

The person mentioned in the post below said I wasn't acting like a good mom in the voice mail they left me. Now, I know that isn't true. But despite my best attempt, the comment has been bothering me all day. Therefore, in an effort to boost my own morale, I've decided to list some of the reasons why I am a good mom.

1-Everything I do is done with the best intentions of my children in mind.
2-I transport (& support) my kids to soccer, t-ball, baseball, and dance practices/games/recitals.
3-I set boundaries for my kids and enforce them.
4-I have high expectations for my children & I help them meet them.
5-I allow my kids to have their own opinion even though I might disagree with it.
6-When I ask my kids how their day was or what they did that day, I actually listen to the answer & follow up with questions.
7-I tell my kids "I love you" every day and I mean it.
8-I don't do the things I tell my kids not to do (most of the time :) )
9-I am involved in my child's education.
10-We have sit down family dinners as often as we can.
11-I am teaching my kids skills that are becoming a thing of the past (sewing, canning, gardening, etc.)
12-We have recently begun teaching our kids about money and responsibility by starting allowance and chores.
13-When my kids tell me they did something, I check to make sure they did. If they didn't, we talk about lying and why it's wrong.
14-I discipline my children when appropriate.
15-I'm teaching my children that family is the most important thing you have.
16-I don't smoke, drink or do drugs before, during or after my pregnancies.
17-I'm teaching my children about tolerance and diversity.
18-I'm instilling a good sense of self in each of my children each time I encourage them to do something on their own.


Nic said...

Yeah, don't you dare pay that person any attention. Your blog is proof enough, the way you fret over and dote on your kids. Let it roll right off your back. You're a great friend, Mist, and a great person. It pisses me off to know that someone is out there slighting you. Forget about it.

Anonymous said...

Thanx Nic.

Heather said...

You are an amazing person and an incredible mom. I know when someone plants that seed of doubt, it's hard not to nurse it. Please know the people who think you are wonderful far outnumber any others.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Heather