Thursday, August 25, 2011

My babies are growing up!

Where have the last 8 1/2 years gone? How is it that my baby girl is starting 3rd grade? Is she really that old? I thought that just yesterday she was eating mush & wearing tiny piggy tails. She is growing up more and more each day. We are learning to be friends as well as mother/daughter. I think it is going to be a great journey. She was sooooo excited to begin 3rd grade. She had an hourly count down yesterday (a bit like her mother?). She even did her own hair this morning because it had to be just right. I'm afraid the next 8 1/2 years are going to go by just as quickly as the last ones. Oh dear....

When did this little man grow up? In his new wranglers and boots he looks just like his father. It makes me smile that the belts he picked out are totally and completely punk rocker. Uncle Zack would be proud to know he's corrupted this one just a smidge. He was excited to start school as well. Not quite as excited as his sister, but still excited. I think he's mostly excited to get a break from his little brother following him around.

This one...boy the things I could say about this one. This one tries my patience and my sanity every waking moment. He IS his mother's child. Thank you mother for cursing me that I'd have a child just like me one day. Cute as he is, he's still a little stinker. Can't you just see it on his face? He was so excited for school today too. I think he was a bit bummed out when I didn't drop him off at Miss Shannon's house. He wanted to pick out his own shirt this morning too - apparently the one mom picked out wasn't the right one. As soon as he was dressed he was hunting down his back pack & slipped it right on. Last night when I was making lunch for the other two, he insisted on knowing where his lunch was. He wasn't too excited when I told him I'd make him lunch at lunch time today. I think I might have to invest in a 3rd lunch box very soon.

Little sister...oh little sister. She is growing so fast I can't believe it! I'm surprised her two front bottom teeth aren't through yet. Of course, I shouldn't be surprised because it took Caleb from the time he was 2 months until he was 6 months old for his first two teeth to break through. Here's to hoping she's a bit quicker. I took this photo while I was waiting for the big kids to position themselves for school photos - we couldn't leave her out!

I found little sister some sweet new shades this week while getting last minute school items. She isn't too fond of wearing them yet. I think it's because the strap that keeps them on is a bit big so they tend to fall down easily. Hopefully she'll get to like them. Wishing I would have had them last week while we were at Lake Powell.

Bob started eating oatmeal this week. She likes it quite a bit. I think she'd like it even more if I could get her dang fingers out of her mouth for more than two seconds at a time! I think it's helped that I don't feed it to her until she's really, really hungry. I know it's mean to make her wait, but I want to make sure she is hungry so she doesn't turn her little nose up at it because it isn't what she wants. She's eaten the entire bowl that I've made both times that I've given it to her, which surprised me. Guess she was extra hungry or really ready for mush!

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Tannie Datwyler said...

These pictures of your kids are so cute Misty!! How fun that they are all ready for school - I love it.

I wish D would eat solids like Brooklyn. She hates them so far and gags and chokes and cries and spits whatever I give her. SIGH....