Friday, August 26, 2011

Phone Dump

This week I have an interesting variety of photos on my phone.

This is where Trav has been working. He said he's been working on the crane side & the crane is about 110 ft tall. At least he didn't send me a pic of him playing with explosives. He sent me this pic because Caleb is always asking where dad is and what it looks like where dad is at. This week he tells me dad is working in the forest, on the mountain, with the bears....not quite buddy, but good guess!

This was on our way home from Lake Powell. There's a rainbow in there between the horizon & the cloud.

This is also on our way home from Lake Powell. See that spot? Yeah, that's BIRD GUTS. A bird flew into the windshield!

While I was cleaning awhile ago I found one of Trav's pocket knives. This isn't a small pocket knife. This knife gives me the heebie jeebies to open, use & try to close. Most of the time I can't close it. My brilliant husband decided Nash could have the knife. Nash very much wants his own pocket knife. Look what happened when he was trying to open a new box of Legos. Thanks Dear. PS - this was BEFORE he sat the box on his LAP and started cutting toward himself. I think he needs to revisit the rules of using pocket knives with his dad!

B looks pretty awesome in her new shades.

B has had some sadness due to teeth trying to come in. I'm afraid she's going to be a finger sucker despite my many, many attempts to keep her fingers out of her mouth. Dang it.

Little sister is become quite the DIVA.

The 1st day of school picture we sent to dad.

This would be what Caleb put in Brooke's MOUTH today while we were waiting for the big kids to come out of school. It was ALL the way in B's mouth, toward the back of her mouth. Luckily for me, it was bottom side toward the top of her mouth so I could get it out easily. Brooke was crying & Caleb didn't like that. So, he tried to get her to be quiet by putting this in her mouth. First thing on the to-do list tomorrow: move Caleb's carseat further away from Brooke's.

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Tannie Datwyler said...

What's that bottle that B is using??

So, Claire gave Deirdre a nerds box after she'd eaten all of the nerds out of it. D of course chewed it up, and I told Clarie to take it away from her and throw it in the trash. She did, but it was already too late.

When I was putting Deirdre down for a nap she kept gagging on her binky and crying. It was SO weird. I mean, come on, a binky isn't THAT long.

Then, when she got up from her nap I was nursing her and she was gagging again. I though, there must be something wrong - I wonder if she's got sores in there (you know, thinking THRUSH here). I opened her mouth and stuck my finger in only to find a HUGE piece of the nerds box in her mouth STILL. She had in in there for hours. She slept with it and tried to nurse with it. I was so freaked out, she TOTALLY could have choked.

It's so much more dangerous having a baby with older siblings.