Monday, September 19, 2011

Adventures in Sanpete

We left home on Thursday morning to go down to Sanpete for Grandpa Charlie's viewing and funeral.  Although it was a sad occasion to visit, the kids had a lot of fun playing with all their cousins.  It was nice to go down and visit for Trav & I too.  We hadn't been since our trip to Lake Powell and prior to that it was Christmas!

Here are all the cousins entertaining themselves at the viewing prior to the funeral on Friday morning.  The service was nice.  Other than the rain, the graveside was nice too.

After the funeral and the lunch, we went back to Grandpa Charlie & Grandma Ingrid's house.  They have a built in swimming pool (I've never seen it filled).  Apparently the salamanders have taken over the pool.  All the kids convinced Uncle Robbie to go help catch the salamanders.  Guess that's what he gets for being the bug man!  Even though the salamanders creeped Rob out he was a good sport & caught a ton of them!  The kids were in 7th heaven!

There were seriously hundreds of salamanders in the pool.  At the deep end of the pool there is rain water that is just totally nasty.  The water had tons of salamanders swimming around in it too.  Since they can't climb out of the pool, there are going to be a bunch of dead salamanders once it freezes!

I told Nash I think they look like "boogers with legs".  All the adults agreed!

We spent the night at the farm with Grandma & Grandpa Bown.  Grandma Bown is a gaming playing maniac and my kids love every single second of it!  I know that is going to be one of their favorite memories when they are older.  Their dad takes after their great grandma!

Bob did great on the entire ride there and home.  She slept almost the whole way down & until Farr West on the way home.  She was just happy as could be the entire time and she was all by herself in the second row on the way home because we left Sam & Nash to come home with Grandpa Scott & Grandma Kris on Sunday!

Friday night Grandpa Bown asked Caleb what they were going to do Saturday morning.  Nash & Samantha chimed in right away with "Ride the 4-wheeler & ride Misty (the horse)".  Caleb....Caleb just wanted to ride the tractor!  On Saturday as we were getting ready to leave Grandpa realized they hadn't rode the tractor yet.  He asked Caleb if Uncle Glade could take him for a tractor ride because he had just sat down & taken off his boots.  Caleb wasn't having any of that.  Nope.  A tractor ride without Grandpa Butter just would not do.  So, being the trooper that Grandpa is, he put his boots on, grabbed his cane & they hopped onto the tractor!

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Tannie Datwyler said...

CUTE CUTE picture of Brooke. And boogers with legs - HEHEHE. LOVE it.