Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Brookelyn's 4 month stats

This little girl keeps right on growing!  I think she's going to be built just like her big brother Nash and her uncle Zack - tall & skinny!  A few weeks ago (after we got home from Lake Powell) she reverted to eating every 2 hours.  I decided it was time for cereal because I couldn't keep up with the demand!  So, we started oatmeal & she has loved it.  I've only given it to her once a day at the most and generally not every single day.  I thought for sure she'd weigh around 15 lbs because of how much she eats.  Nope.  Skinny bum weighs 13 lbs 4 oz!  Crazy to think she's only gained a little over 3 lbs since she was born!  Especially when you consider how much the little girl loves to eat!

She still hasn't rolled over all the way yet.  She gets on her left side and rolls over to her shoulder where she gets stuck.  She doesn't mind being stuck there oddly enough either.  Her favorite is to spin circles while laying on the floor.  If I lay her down facing the couch, before long she's spun around so she can see the t.v.  That's not good! :)

Sister loves her tub time.  I still lay her down in the tub on a sponge & I have to scoot her back up onto the sponge every few minutes because she kicks like an absolute mad man in there & scoots herself all the way off in no time flat!

She has started to giggle out loud.  It's so cute to hear.  I'm surprised at what a deep little laugh it is too.  I thought that she'd have this high girly laugh, but nope.  That's another way she's like one of her brothers (Caleb).

She loves her 2 headed Jamaica doll Grandma Kris brought back for Sam when she was about 3 years old.  She also has a cow from the new Avon line she loves.  She constantly has her hands up by her face and loves to get a grip on anything she can & pull it close to her.  So, she has a tag blanket I made too.  And, when all else fails, I give her a clean burp cloth to love on & she's pretty ok with that too.

Since I re-did the girls room & hung stuff up on the wall by the changing table, she loves to look at all the stuff on the wall when I change her.  I'm sure it won't be too long before she's trying to stand up on the changing table & grab everything I have on the wall!

Brooke's still working on breaking her 2 front bottom teeth in as well.  She's been teething for about 2 months. I'm starting to think she'll be like Caleb & they won't break through all the way until she's 6 months old!  Could be a long 2 more months!

And finally, here are all her stats from the dr.'s office.
Weight - 13 lbs 4 oz 38% - when she was born, she was 97% for weight!
Length - 25 inches 75% - when she was born, she was 56% for length
Head circumference - 16.3 inches 58% - when she was born she was 73%

Oh!  And, we pierced her ears on the day she turned 4 months old!  Sam kept telling me, "No!  Don't do it!  She'll look hideous!"  After they were pierced she turned to me and said, "See.  They look hideous!"  I told her to be quiet, she's just jealous! :)

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Tannie Datwyler said...

So fun to read the updates on her. She's a way cute girl.