Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pre-Halloween Fun

When did this little girl get so big?  She's going to be six months in just 10 short days!  Yikes!  Has it really been that long?  We busted out the walker a couple weeks ago but I took it back downstairs because Caleb kept getting into it.  I had the kids bring it back upstairs today to see how she'd like it.  Sister is loving it.  She can be up and see what's going on.  I think she likes it a bit more than the Bumbo because she can reach things that are in front of her without tipping over!

Thursday night Nash had a Halloween program at school.  He was the very first speaking part.  He did awesome.  He spoke slow enough we could understand him & he didn't put his mouth on the mic.  All the kids wore their costumes & so did his teacher, Mrs. Olsen.  There were about 16 songs & each kid had a talking part.  It lasted about an hour (which was torture for Caleb) but it was fun.  All the decorations in the back the kids had made during class over the last week or two.

Brooke has recently discovered her tongue.  She loves to stick it out & make the "pffft" noise.  However, since she has her tongue sticking out while she tries to make the noise, she mostly just ends up blowing bubbles.  It's still super cute though & I can't quite get enough of it!

Today I finally broke down & we carved pumpkins.  Grandma Terri was nice enough to come up and help us out.  Fortunately for me Brooke was napping for the entire adventure.  This is the first year we've carved pumpkins without dad so I was a bit worried.  Other than Sam's drama about the slime touching her, it wasn't too bad.

Sam & Nash wanted to paint blood on theirs & put a knife sticking out of the top.  Alas, the painting....(so much for EITHER painting OR carving)

Caleb couldn't be left out of the blood scene either.  So, his pumpkin is rather covered in red paint as well!

Brooke's pumpkin is almost as big as she is!  When I sat her next to it she kept touching it and smiling.  Not sure if she liked the cold or was just intrigued by the whole thing.


Justin & Ashlee said...

So fun! This was the first year we carved at all. We carved them a couple weeks ago and it is so humid here that poor Rylee's kitty pumpkin molded and collapsed just this morning :( Oh well. It's the fun of carving and decorating right?

Chad & Cassidy said...

Cute pics :)