Sunday, October 16, 2011

Smiles, naked legs, a birthday & a camera thief

This little girl has so many smiles lately that it's completely intoxicating.  She just grins most of the day.  Her squeals are undeniable in their complete delight of just being here.  She smiles whether she's eating her toes, milk or just watching everyone pass her by.  I'm so glad she's such a happy baby & I hope it's a good sign of how her temperament will turn out! 

On Friday the kids were over at the neighbor's house playing.  After a little bit Nash walks in the door.  Then I hear Samantha running in.  When Sam gets inside she finds me & says, "Mom!  Come help me!  Caleb is stuck behind the fence!"  I'm thinking it's the fence in the neighbor's front yard where they have a bunch of wood, so off we go.  I go over and find that he is not behind the fence I thought.  Rather, he is in the horse pasture.  How on Earth the kid managed to get back there is still a mystery.  From what he said it sounds like he flipped over the top and went in.  Why am I not surprised?  Once Sam realized he was behind the fence she grabbed his arms & tried to pull him back over to her side of the fence.  Unfortunately, she didn't realize that his pants were stuck on the fence.  As you can see from the pictures, the pants were sacrificed.

Friday was also my 31st birthday.  Since Travis was gone hunting, the kids and I went down to my parents' house and had dinner.  My sister & her family were there too, which was a nice surprise.  We had bad guys for dinner & mom made my favorite chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting & lime sherbet ice cream.  We had a good time.  Caleb bonked me over the head with a gift from my mom & dad.  It was a really nice jelly roll pan like hers that I keep telling her I'm going to steal from her.  Then, she brought out another gift for me:
 A few years ago mom & dad got me a fishing pole & a nice hard case.  This year while we were at Lake Powell I asked the kids where my pole was and got, "Dad said I could have it." from Nash.  Now, I'm sure he didn't mean he could have it, have it, but I couldn't tell Nash that he had to fork it over.  So, when we got home I told my mom about it & told her I wanted a new pole for my birthday.  As you can see, she produced!  I took this picture on my cell phone and sent it to Travis.  His response?  "It's pink!  I can't use that!"  I told him that was the point!  Maybe he'll keep his grubby mitts off & not give this one to one of the kids!

The other day I was sitting on the couch feeding Brooke.  I looked up to watch what Sam & Nash were doing.  Turns out, Sam is teaching Nash to play piano.  Guess I need to talk to Sam's piano teacher about adding Nash to the lessons list!  He actually does pretty good.

Last night I took Samantha & a friend of mine, Amanda, and we went to What A Witch Wants.  It was a craft fair of sorts.  I thought about doing a booth of mine own, but I didn't want to pay for an outside booth that would end up being in the dark and cold.  And, I didn't want to pay $50 for an indoor booth either.  So, we went to check it out to see what it was all about.  There was face painting and pictures to be taken.  There were also a lot of random booths.  I saw a Papparazzi booth but since my sister is doing a party next week, I decided to wait to spend my money there.  I did cave & spend money at the Usborne Books booth. And, I've committed to do an Usborne Books party on Nov. 5th.  More information coming on that later!  Sam & I got matching face painting (no pic of me) and then had our pics done.  (I will post the pics when I get the cd.)

 This morning I am laying in bed still when Nash comes in and says, "Mom.  Caleb has your camera."  Great.  That child gets my camera all the time & I know the day isn't far away when he either a-deletes all the pix on the card, b-breaks the camera or c-both.  I've decided I should tell him that if he's going to steal my camera he shouldn't take pix like this to incriminate himself!

 Here's Caleb's, "Mom I just want pink milk." picture.  How can you say no to that face?

I saw this in a magazine a month or so ago & decided I needed to make it for Scott.  Since his birthday is Oct. 27th I finally got everything to do it and got it made!  He loved it & I thought it turned out pretty cute too.

 On my birthday while we were at my mom's my sister and I put Brooke & Sunny down together.  I must point out that every time I put them down together at least Brooke starts screaming.  This night however, they must have known it was something special because they both played really cute together and no one cried!


Justin & Ashlee said...

I'm hoping my baby takes after Parker and their smiley faces!! She is too cute :)

Tannie Datwyler said...

Those pictures are so fun, I loved reading about what you guys are up to.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY - late... :)