Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Worst mom ever!!

So I have this bouncy fish chair that my mom bought when Samantha was born.  My kids have all loved it.  It vibrates and has a bar that goes over it that you can turn on (lights, music, bubbles, etc).  I have used the chair with all 4 kids.  They eat in it, they bounce in it, they sleep in it, they even poop all over it!  If you've noticed, many of the pictures of Brooke she's sitting in a blue chair.  This is the infamous fishy bounce chair.

Last night I had Brooke in the chair sitting up on the counter on the island.  I had just finished feeding her and had cleaned her up.  I left her up there so she was out of the foot traffic of the kids & could still see what was going on so she didn't get fussy.  I ALWAYS put Brooke in this chair up on the island.  Lately, I've noticed that she never quits kicking her right foot.  This little leg is always going.  She bounces herself to sleep in the fish chair and the car seat.  It's quite convenient for me really.

Anyway, I had finished cleaning up Brooke's dinner mess and started making dinner for the rest of us.  I had three kids running circles around the island and a husband in the bedroom playing his guitar.  I was going along, multitasking like a pro, when I hear a loud THUMP.  Yeah, I got that sickening pit in the bottom of my stomach when I heard it.  At first I thought it was Caleb dropping something on the floor -- something heavy.  I turned around and noticed Brooke was no longer on the counter.  Crap.  I run over and she's face down on the hardwood floor just in front on my refrigerator.  I grabbed the chair and flipped it up.  Brooke had been really quiet until I picked up the chair and sat it upright.  Once she was upright, she started screaming.  She had split her bottom lip open - no, she doesn't have any teeth through yet.  The top & bottom lip on her right side were swollen already.  She had a red spot on the top of her forehead, and, she had a bloody nose.  Thank goodness she was strapped in and didn't bounce!

All I can figure is that she had that leg going so hard that the chair kept hopping forward until it slipped right off the island.  I had slid her back so she was in the center of the counter a few times.  Considering how many times I have put not only her, but Caleb in that chair and on that counter, I am amazed that this hasn't happened before.  Yes, I knew better.  But, I thought it was safer (and easier for me I guess) to keep her up there where the other kids couldn't trample her!

Once we finally got her lip to stop bleeding and her nose to stop bleeding I just snuggled her.  She had a hard time nursing because of her fat lip.  Poor girl had a rough night and was awake quite a bit last night.  Fortunately today she has been doing well and doesn't seem to be any worse for the wear!  Lucky mom!  My lesson has been learned and sister will only be up on the counter in her chair while I'm standing directly in front of it while I feed her!

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Tannie Datwyler said...

I am SO SO sorry - stupid mom moments happen to all of us. I wrote on your FB page about dropping D out of her car seat. You feel like the most rotten mom when it happens though.