Saturday, October 8, 2011

Some cute kids

These days it's hard to get a picture of Brooke without a sibling sticking their face in the picture too!  Not sure if it's because they love Bob or if it's because they like having their picture taken!

Caleb learned about pirates at pre-school this week.  He then proceeded to walk around the house saying,
"Argh matey!" for about 3 days!

Crazy eyes!  I made this skirt for Sam this winter (I cut it out last fall).  Every time she wears it she picks a top that is the same colors.  I've tried to explain that just because the colors are they same, that doesn't mean it matches!  I think she gets her fashion sense from her daddy!

Girlie loves, loves, loves her toes.  If she is wearing socks she gets mad because she doesn't like the taste of socks!  Can't say I blame her much!

We had to take a picture of Bob in this outfit for uncle Zack (he has an octopus tattoo).  I got this onsie & another one that is pink with a fish on it when she was born.  They are a 6-9 month size.  I got cute bright skirts that go with them too.  I'm hoping I can figure out a way to make them warm enough for her to wear now that she's long enough to wear them!  I guess I can pair tights with them!

I was trying to get a good picture of her in her chair the other night.  She was sitting there playing with her binki & had her one leg just going to town to bounce her.  Every time I took a picture of her with her leg moving, she was just a blur!  Finally had to settle for a picture that didn't show the leg movin' but it shows how content she is!

This was the "NO!  Don't take my picture & send it to Dad!" moment this week.  Yes, that's Caleb with his nose on the wall.  The wall & Caleb's nose are getting to be good friends these days.  Last night I kept telling him to go to bed & he thought it was a game.  I had swatted his bum a few times & he just laughed at me.  I finally pulled his pull up down & swat his naked bum a good one.  He didn't think it was too funny after that & he didn't get back out of bed!

Brooke rolled over completely last night!  I had laid her down on the rug & went downstairs to tuck the other three kids in bed.  When I got back upstairs this is what I found:
 She was sooo proud of herself.  She was all grins & giggles.  I cheered her on & took her picture.  Not 30 seconds later she flopped over onto her back.  She was still pretty stinkin' proud of herself.  As she should be, I know.  She hasn't done it again today but she has sure tried.  She's been all but there for at least the last 2 months but she would get high centered on her shoulder & just flop back over & give up.  She's gotten really good at going around in a circle on her back in her efforts to flip herself over!

I thought this was too cute when I saw it the other night.  She always has to have something to hold onto when she's sad/tired.  Doesn't matter if it's a burp cloth or a doll or her cow.  She's like Caleb this way - she loves having something to hold onto.  Following in that same manner, she's started to give killer hugs too.  She gets quite a death squeeze around my neck & just wiggles her way up into a little ball.  I love it.

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Tannie Datwyler said...

Those are some fun pictures - I love the one of Sam with the skirt.

Deirdre is the same as Brooke with the hugs. Sounds just like what she does. :)