Sunday, November 6, 2011

A little more Halloween, a finished project, basketball & the 1st snow fall

I unloaded the pictures on my camera thinking I'd post about how Nash started basketball yesterday.  To my surprise, there were Halloween pictures on the camera I hadn't downloaded yet.  Oops!

This is out at Trav's parents' house.  Halloween was his mom's 50th birthday.  Halloween is always a big deal out there since it's grandma's birthday.  My sister in law's kids are in this picture - 1 headless horseman & 1 monkey!

I had to have a picture of Aunt Jamie & Brooke in this costume because I have a picture of Jamie & Sam in this costume that I absolutely love.

Me, Grandma Kris, Brooke & Olivia

Brooke is almost 6 months old, but I finally finished her crib quilt this week!  I've had it tied since before she was born.  I've even had the binding pinned on.  I just hadn't done anything with it because I usually hand stitch the binding down.  In an effort to clean up some of my sewing mess for my Usborne party, I caved & decided to machine stitch the binding down.  It turned out good though so I'm ok with it.

And....the reason for this post:  Nash started playing basketball on Saturday.  About a month or so ago Sam brought home a flyer from school announcing basketball through the high school.  She brought it home because she thought Nash might want to play.  Trav & I asked Nash if he wanted to sign up.  His response was, "I'm not good at it and I don't really know how to play."  Trav & I both said, "Well!  That's why you sign up!"  After that he was game to sign up.  So, this Saturday I took him to his first game.  There are six kids on his team (four boys, two girls).  There was a mix up and we thought his game was at the high school so we didn't show up until right when the game was starting.  They play like they did in T ball where the first thirty minutes is practice and the second thirty minutes is the game.  Nash did pretty good.  I decided we need to get a basketball for our house though so he can practice his dribble.  If we can convince him to step in and steal the ball from the other kids, we'll be doing good!

Nash said he had fun and his team won 10-6 (the coach's daughter is pretty dang good).  I think Nash only knows 1 kid on his team, Clay, because they were in the same Kindergarten class.  Hopefully he'll still be liking it at the end of six weeks!

Saturday morning when the kids woke up and saw all the snow they about went nuts.  They played out in the snow for quite awhile yesterday and then again today.  They were trying to build a big hill today so they could sled down it (dad said no sledding down the stairs - amazing how they listen to dad but not mom!).  Not sure if the snow will stick or if it's going to melt.  If it melts I've decided I better get my bum outside and take care of all the leaves!

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