Thursday, December 29, 2011

Brooke's first Christmas!

Apparently my pictures uploaded in a totally random order!  On Christmas Eve we went to my mom's house.  We had dinner and opened presents.  The kids had lots of fun.  I was just glad that both my sister & I weren't pregnant this Christmas!
On Christmas Day we woke up at home and opened presents from Santa and from each other before we went out to Grandpa Scott & Grandma Kris's house.  We got to Grandpa and Grandma's house around noon.  We had brunch and then opened presents again!
Christmas Day night we went out to my aunt's house for my Grandpa and Grandma's Christmas party.  We got to open presents AGAIN out there!  Man, we are spoiled!

Sunny & Brooke playing in a box at my aunt's house.  My sister was driving it around and they absolutely loved it!

My mom made most of the presents she gave the kids this year.  Brooke and Sunny got these hats.  I think they are awesome!  So nice and soft!  (Fleece)  Doesn't hurt that Brooke looks so stinkin' cute in it either!

Sam & Jade got matching nightgowns again this year (and matching hats).  Sam has worn her hat to bed with her nightgown at LEAST two nights this week!

As I expected, Brooke was more interested in the paper than anything else.  By the time we were all done with presents though she had a good idea of what to do!

Christmas morning

Travis & I gave Nash a skateboard.  He's been asking for one for like 2 years now.  I think he was a bit excited!

Santa brought Nash this gigantic Nerf gun.  He really wanted one.  It runs on batteries and shoots automatically when you hold the trigger.  There's like 20 or 30 bullets in it too!

Nash or Sam gave Caleb the little Nerf guns.  Yes, there has been a Nerf war going on ever since Christmas Day at our house!

Travis & I got Sam an American Girl doll.  Sister was THRILLED!  She kept shouting, "I KNEW IT!"  She hasn't let it out of her sight since she opened it.  It's gone everywhere, helped open presents and been slept with!

Little sister got a bunch of new dollies this year.  Of course, she preferred chewing on their tags!

My boys and their deadly marshmallow guns.  Trav got Caleb in the butt with a marshmallow from across the house.  Caleb was headed for the shower and only had socks on.  It left a perfectly sized marshmallow welt on his bum.  He did it right after I finished telling them not to shoot each other in the face either!  Such a good influence that dad!

Brooke & Olivia got Cabbage Patch Kid dolls that are dressed in costumes.  I can't believe how much bigger Brooke looks than Olivia!

Brooke's latest trick is this cheesy little grin.  She usually does it when I'm in the middle of changing her.  She scrunches up her little face and gives me a completely toothless grin.  I absolutely love it and giggle every time.  I think that's why she keeps doing it!

Four of the Five new great grandbabies for my Grandpa & Grandma Reeder in order from oldest (Sunny) to youngest (Rhett but he wasn't here, so Bryson).

More riding in the box/car at Aunt Nikki's on Sunday night.

We were completely spoiled as usual.  Trav's parents gave us a really nice digital picture frame.  It holds 5000 pictures, plays music, you can load recipes on it and it plays video.  I have managed to fill all 5000 pictures slots (going back to 2003 when Sam was a baby).  Now I just need to get rid of my Christmas decorations so I can have somewhere permanent to put it!  His parents also gave us a dehydrator and a jerky making kit.  Trav was excited about that because he gave me one of those vacuum packers!  Travis was pretty excited to get a hard case for his Fender Telecaster from my mom.  Mom gave me one of those mini donut makers.  I busted it out yesterday & the kids and I made the applesauce donuts recipe.  They ended up being more like bagels than donuts.  This little sucker might get some serious use!

I was reading my sister's food blog the other day and she was talking about crock pot recipes.  I decided I want to make a month of crock pot recipes that I haven't ever made before.  I have like 4 or 5 crock pot recipe books.  So, I busted out the books and made me a list of recipes to try.  Today is day 2.  So far, so good.  I can email recipes to anyone that wants them, so let me know if you want a copy.

Our plans for New Year's Eve will have us out at Trav's parents' house.  Pretty low key but should be fun.  Next week we'll have to head back to reality.  Not sure how excited I am about that!

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Tannie Datwyler said...

Cute pictures of the kiddos!! The first Christmas is fun - if they are old enough. :) My other two had their first Christmas at 2 and 3 months. So it was more fun with D since she was 10 months.