Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Piano Recital + Christmas Dance Review = 1 Crazy Night

Last night Samantha had her Christmas piano recital and her Christmas dance review.  The poor boys were bored to death!  

Luckily Caleb took a train & Nash took something to color so they were mildly entertained.

 Brooke was just happy to be there & barely made a peep during either performance!

 Amazingly enough, her dad was home for BOTH performances!  He has yet to see a piano recital in person.  He did go with to Festival of Trees so he got to see a few dances there.

We kinda had to book it to get to piano recital dressed and on time.  The dance recital was at 5 at LaShars and the piano recital was at 7 at the Hyrum City Office.  She was glad she didn't have to change in the truck (I did take her dress with just in case though!).

The boys were thrilled when it was all over AND they got a cookie!

I video taped all 4 dances she did and I only managed to video 1 piano song.  I got her solo & then half way through her duet I realized I should have been filming!  Duh!  Since Blogger gives me grief, I'm posting them all on my fb instead.


Justin & Ashlee said...

So much fun during the holidays! Is Caleb's hat a one eyed monster? Rylee would love it! I've started doing my videos through youtube with a private account and then posting the link on my blog. It is so much easier and faster than blogger! Merry Christmas!

Tannie Datwyler said...

Sounds crazy, but fun!!

Hey, I thought you might like these too, since you asked about the Nutter Butter Santas. It makes me mad I didn't see this one before, or I would have done some of each. :) The directions for this say frosting, but I would totally use white chocolate to make it all stick better.

Chad & Cassidy said...

Will you e-mail contact info for Sam's panio teacher? We were thinking about signing Jade up...