Monday, December 19, 2011

Phone Photo Dump

Yesterday as we were on our way home from Manti, I realized I had about 60 photos on my phone.  The more photos on my phone, the fewer text messages my phone can hold before I have to start erasing.  So, I texted myself a bunch of pictures.  I think I may have posted some of these before, but, oh well!

Little sister has recently discovered her tongue.  It's pretty funny to watch her when she gets it going.  Good, old fashioned, cheap entertainment!

Trav's mom sent this build a snowman thing home with us a week or so ago.  It's like a window cling, but stickier.  Yes, it's stuck to my door.  No, it hasn't pulled paint off.  No, Caleb hasn't torn it down since it went up.  Yes, Caleb has rearranged the snow flakes.  No, Samantha is not holding Brookelyn - it's a doll!

This is one from preschool from quite awhile ago.  My mom picked Caleb up after preschool & sent me this picture.  It's so cute.  He still has the bandanna and eye patch and loves to go around saying, "Hey matie!"  Cracks me up when he goes pirate!

Little sister with some more tongue action going on.  She thinks it's quite hilarious when we all start laughing at her.

Just being extra happy in the tub.  This was quite awhile ago too.  I got rid of the sponge after Caleb saw it in the bathroom sink & decided he wanted to pee on it.  Yes, it was in the sink & Caleb PEED on it.

I know I posted about Nash's staple incident.

Caleb got this hat when his preschool class went on a field trip to the fire station here in Hyrum.  He wore that sucker around for like a week!

My sister in law crocheted this hat.  I think it's adorable.  Caleb was modeling it for us & whipped out this "scary face" for us.

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