Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Let the Christmas festivities begin!

Friday, December 16th Samantha had a half time show for the Logan High School basketball game.  I took a video so we'll see if I can get it to upload.

Saturday, December 17th Nash had his last basketball game.  Apparently they lost...badly.  After Nash & Travis got home from the basketball game, we headed for Manti.  We had the Whitlock Christmas party on Saturday night.  We definitely felt Grandpa Charlie's absence.  It was a good, fun party though.
All 8 of the great grandsons got chaps.  A bunch of leather and buckskin was found after the funeral that Grandpa Charlie had been holding onto.  The leather was taken to my Grandpa Russ to make chaps out of. I didn't get Prestin, Kash or Talon in the picture.  The boys LOVED their chaps.  Especially my boys.  My boys wore them the rest of the night and part of the day on Sunday.  You should have heard all the boys change their voice, their vocabulary and their swagger.  I think Caleb has the best swagger!  They kept stealing Trav's cowboy hat to wear while they played with their chaps on!

All 9 great granddaughters got buckskin purses.  I didn't get Kenzie, Peyton, Brookelyn, Olivia or Savara in the picture.  The girls were thrilled with their purses.  Especially Samantha.  She had seen the purses as Grandpa Russ worked on them and kept telling him and me how much she wanted one.  They wore them around the rest of the night as they played dress ups!

Olivia and Brookelyn sure played cute together.  You'd never know these two were only 3 days apart and that Olivia was older.  Brooke weighs more, sits up by herself and likes to stand on her legs.  Not Liv!  They played really cute together though.

On Sunday we had the Christmas party with the Bowns.  Santa Clause came as we were finishing up dinner.  Caleb was excited to see him.  It was cute to watch him wait so patiently to get his turn.
 Sam was a bit embarrassed to get on Santa's lap.  Not sure why.
 Nash was a little shy too.  He got off as quick as he could!  I was lucky to get a picture of him!
 Brookelyn, as you can see, DID NOT like Santa.  I didn't figure she'd have a problem because she did so well with the Santa at the mall.  Boy was the a wrong assumption!

Despite not liking Santa too much, she did like her present.  She was pretty content to just sit and play with it all wrapped up for awhile.

Nash got a Nerf gun from the cousin that had his name.  (Yes, Samantha has been shot - it the face, by Caleb) with said gun since we got home.)
 Caleb got some new Legos.  He's already been building with them too!
 Brooke loved this little camera.  It talks, plays a bit of music and has blinking lights.  She sits and plays with it in her walker for quite awhile.
 Nash & Caleb also got little ATV's and a guy from Grandpa and Grandma Butter.

 All the great granddaughters got new night gowns from Great Grandma Butter.  They all look so cute!  Sam LOVES these jammies from Grandma Bown.  She has had several over her lifetime and she wears them until I take them away and put them in the too small box.  Even then she gets a bit miffed if I put them away!

These last pictures were taken on Friday night.  Trav's mom has a bear for every year since 1980-something.  The collection takes over the entire front room.  We have a picture of the other kids in with all the bears so I thought we'd better get at least one with Brooke!

Today was my last day of work until Jan. 3rd.  Tomorrow I plan to get the house cleaned and then I can do all my baking done on Thursday & Friday so they can be delivered on Saturday.  Got to finish the last little Christmas sewing too!


Justin & Ashlee said...

Sounds like you'll be/have been pretty busy :) The chaps and purses turned out really cute. Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas! Card is on the way, they messed up my order and got them sent out a little late!

Chad & Cassidy said...

Looks like fun. I need to talk grandma Bown into making my girls the silk nighties too, Jade LOVES those things!

Anonymous said...

She used the very last of the trico fabric she had. If you can find trico I bet she'd do it.